Mayor Apologises After Female Robbed In Castries

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, says he has apologised to a female who was robbed in Castries Tuesday morning.

The incident occurred in the William Peter Boulevard about 10.00. a.m.

The woman has been identified as an Italian national.

The young man who snatched her mobile device was pursued by members of the public and City Police officers, eventually being held near the Castries market and taken into custody.

He is reported to have been taken before the court and remanded until April 10.

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, said he saw the female victim after the robbery and spoke with her.

“I apologised to her for the discourteous behaviour of our citizens,” Francis disclosed.

The Mayor stated that the telephone that was grabbed was retrieved.

Francis told reporters he is concerned about the fallout from crime in Saint Lucia.

“That is why we are doing everything in our power,” he explained.

The Mayor disclosed that the City Police will soon be increasing its numbers.

“My focus, as I have always said, cleanliness first and security as far as the  City is concerned – that’s what I am passionate about and what I will do everything in my power to maintain,” he asserted.



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  2. Wasn’t the suspect arrested by police officers both along with the public. Because i the photo i can see clearly these are Police officers and not City POLICE

  3. it really doesnt matter who arrested him. well done those who did. the question is what will be done to him, will he be out soon to do the same things again or will an example be made out of him. these things will happen over and over again and all we hear is words and nothing is being done about, nobody hands is being cut off as a lesson to the young men coming up

  4. I am so glad to see someone posting about conviction and amputation as a punishment. People work so hard for what they have, and to have some low life, lazy bastard come and take it, is not right. Thank God that she got back her phone.

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