Monday, February 17, 2020

Mayor Concerned About Noise Pollution

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has expressed concern about noise pollution in the City.

He says letters have already been dispatched to business places alerting them to the problem and advising them of the law.

He told St Lucia Times that he has a ‘serious problem’ with loud noises in Castries.

“I don’t know how we are going to address that because obviously we need the help of the police. It’s these vehicles that when they pass, I mean they’re even shaking the CDC building. I mean that is one of my main concern. I think the noise from the bars and so on – we could contain that which we are doing now; but I have a serious problem with these vehicles at any time,” Francis explained.

“I would say it has cooled down a little,” the Mayor stated.

“And something that has just come up – one or two motorcycles about 4 O’ clock;  4.30, when these bicycles pass in the city, I mean the noise – you could be in the fridge; you must hear that noise,” Francis lamented.

He told St Lucia Times that the loud bike trend appears to have just started.

The Mayor said he does not know whether existing legislation against noise pollution is strong enough.

He also said he was not aware if law enforcement authorities have the available technology to measure noise levels.

But he disclosed that tackling noise pollution in the City is something that is being looked at currently.


  1. Ok i understand the music for vehicles but from bikes there is nun that could be done one my bike is insured an in line with the law i coukd ride at ay time of the day

    • Actually there are laws against noise nuisances. You can ride you bike without it being a noise nuisance. Don’t think because the law is not enforced, you are allowed to do whatever you want.

    • Are you suggesting it is not an important issue? Or is it because it doesn’t affect you just don’t give a sh!t?

  2. Thank you Mr. Mayor. This is a major problem long overdue for fixing and as Mayor and former resident of the CDC you should understand the issue very well. CDC people don’t have a moment’s peace in their homes and their health is being destroyed. Noise from one of those bars literally killed my grandfather. Who in their right mind would allow bars and loud music in a place where people reside? Yes they may be poor but the rights and privileges should be extended to them as well. They would never allow such to happen in Rodney Heights or in any place where rich people live. Even that construction company had to stop operations in Corinth after complaints from residents.

    Right under people’s homes you have bars with music blaring at 2 a.m. everyday. Don’t ask for the Castries Market. You call the police and complain about the noise, they give you some BS story. You try to speak to the bar owners, they talk about their livelihoods. Their livelihood of serving poison to people. What about the livelihoods of the people who live there? They can’t sleep, they can’t study, they can’t watch TV, they can’t relax. They can’t do anything in their own homes because the music shakes everything in their head and house. Sometimes you have to beg someone to sleep at their home or pay for a guest house. Or you go to work tired and fall asleep on the job. Or you forced to take sick days to try to recuperate. People have lost jobs because of that. Most times it doesn’t make sense trying to sleep because after the music stops, the drunks continue with the noise. And right after that vendors, bus drivers and others. How can that be allowed to persist is totally absurd and I’m surprised residents haven’t turned to more forceful means to stop that nonsense?

    How can such small area have some many places serving alcohol. Isn’t there some sort of law against that? And so close to churches and schools. Any wonder why this country is in the mess it is in? No enforcement of any laws. Nobody responsible for enforcement cares. There are more than enough places in Castries you can relocate these bars that would not be a problem for any resident.

    Mr. Mayor have been trying to clean up Castries. If you don’t start with the human element then all your efforts will mean nothing because those bars are attracting the worst to the city. Humans are the ones peeing all over the walls, humans are the ones littering, humans are the ones killing each other.

    Let’s hope now the Police Commissioner receives the message and starts enforcing the laws. If those bars have permits for loud music, retract them. If they don’t, fine the DJs or seize the equipment as the law permits. Maybe the Police Commissioner, Sarah Flood and Alan Chastanet should live along Jeremie street to experience it for themselves. Perhaps then something will change.

    • Well said
      I am currently a cdc resident, and the noise just never stops, as soon as you get a break from one another one begins.
      The scariest part for me was, one night going to my balcony and and seeing a hurse waiting on the side of the road and a dead body being carried to it from the cdc right opposite a bar playing karaoke,
      The lady died because of the loud music. It was right by her bed side window.
      Late last year, yes
      The elderly are dying one by one by this noise pollution. Most the cdc apartments are housed by elderly persons who have been living there for donkey years.
      Pls mayor if you really care do something for us…

  3. If only people knew how excessive exposure to loud music and noise is going to affect them in their older age. I plan on making good money from hearing aids. The sound from bikes also counts as noise and WILL contribute to hearing loss for the rider and those near by.

    • So you’re saying the rights of people living in the city should be lesser than that other places? You know residential property in every major city in the world is highest because of desirability of living in these locations. I guess it would be hard to understand coming from under the bush somewhere. Maybe you’re living right next to a pig pen and think its the norm. It isn’t. Don’t be a moron.

  4. Why is it always the Mayor spotting the issues affecting people where the hell is the commissioner and Herman girl

  5. It is noise pollution in the North… Endless loud music on the Rodney Bay, Rodney Heights region. Loud, you cannot sleep.

    • Pure madness in this country. If the rich people have to suffer from that then tough luck for y’all CDC people.

  6. There should not be CDC’s ( people living in the middle of the city center ), the capital of Castries anyway. There is enough land in St. Lucia to relocate the CDC’s. Yes Castries is noisy, but that what brings in the money, the entertainment, But when you have CDC’s in the middle of the city which is well dirty and infested with bugs and roaches, what beauty does it bring to the country? what value does it add. Mr. Mayor you have my permission to relocate the CDC’s and put what ever is in the interest of the people in its place.

    • You should not have people living in the middle of Manhattan. Nor London. Nor Tokyo. Nor Miami. Typical ignorance. And they going to relocate them inside your mother’s country?

      • I doh know for the USA and Japan but I know for sure the time on noise is enforced in the UK. Pubs close ON TIME. Beware if your house fete is too loud police will knock on you door!!!!

        In SLU the cut off time is 2am. You telling me a rum shop cannot turn the music down????? SMH

    • You have any idea of the cost of land development? You want to relocate several thousands of people for the sake of a few bars. Or you want to make thousands of people homeless? It is so much easier to move those bars to a part of town where no people reside.

    • So much ignorance in this comment I don’t know where to start. You know it is not the CDC people who have Castries so dirty. The bar patrons are the ones who urinate and throw their trash all over the place. You know constant exposure to loud noise has been related to increases in blood pressure; heart rate starts to increase; people get ulcers; children have difficulty learning…loss of hearing, etc. One way other, you the moronic commentator paying for it because the Gov’t has to find money to take care of all these people. And you do realize that CDC people make up a very large percentage of the Castries Central constituency. If those people really want that issue solved they should demand their rep solve it. There are enough of them affected by that to make a difference.

  7. Par castri tosel,vieux-fort worse,I think,and sometimes when you call the police, they well getting vex with you,it can be at nights,when we are asleep,they making noise how they want,with bikes vehicles or at their homes,we don’t have peace.ppl revving bikes,whole day in their yard,and you can’t say a word ,they want to kill respect whatsoever. I’m for one who is frustrated with it.

    • If you want noise pollution visit anse la raye..and its not from cars….jus stupid bars and dj’s talkin crap on a mic whole night…bars and street fetes make the most noise…but the mayor like his rum too much….PITONSON FRANCIS!

  8. CDC resident here. As I am typing this message a 9:30 p.m. on Sunday there is a bar in Singer building that has it music blaring in my apartment. That music will go on until 1:30 a.m. or 2 a.m. That happens every Sunday night. Mind you I have to be up by 5:00 to prepare for work. So 3.5 hours sleep for me if I lucky. Saturday night there was music blaring from the Castries market. That finished at 2 a.m. So again 3.5 hours sleep. Friday night same Castries market. Finished at 2 a.m. Vendors making noise from 4 a.m. That’s 2 hours sleep. So for an entire weekend I get the amount of sleep that is recommended for one night. This happens every weekend and worse along Jeremie Street as it goes on every day. If the authorities can’t see the problem they are creating then it really is up to us to take drastic actions against those people and stop them by any means.

  9. Normal Decibel for human is 60 dB. The equation is simple a Lawnmower operates at around 90 dB
    and most music from 115 to 120 peak dB, Tim you are right about “noise nuisances” most cities here in the USA enforced loud noise particularly after hours. Poor, rich or insurance whats your point Mr. Victor?
    The Mayor is right ….

  10. Its not just in town..this is all over st Lucia… For example in LA Croix maingot..there is this kind of new bar/ tire shop ..oh gosh its almost Luke this guy has no brain…n ppl are afraid of speaking to him..but u hear them in Lil corners complaining…its really bad ..he should also be issued a letter…

  11. Mayor less than a week ago you made this noise in CDC people . Tonight you organise a show and more noise.

  12. The increase in Motorcycle noise is terrible. Day or night. Many with the mufflers so badly modified they backfire all the time like a series of lout explosions. There needs to be something done about this nuisance before it escalates even further. Some nights I have to have subtitles on the movies I watch because the noise nuisance from the motorbikes and the cars with their overblown sound systems on full ride/drive around with impunity in our seemingly lawless nation.

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