Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Mayor criticises private garbage collectors

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has  accused private garbage collectors of failing to provide the service that is required.

Francis made the accusation while making it clear that  the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC) is not responsible for garbage collection.

He urged the private concerns that have been given contracts to collect garbage to live up to their obligations.

“This does not mean that we at the Castries Constituencies Council will not provide supplementary support if it is really needed,” the Mayor told reporters.

He declared that the CCC wants a clean City and environment.

According to Francis, it is on record that the CCC has assisted several communities in garbage collection.

He expressed the hope that the private concerns and the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority keep to garbage collection schedules on garbage collection days.

“You had a situation where CCC was doing a fantastic job with garbage collection, but you had some bright boys who decided  they they would put it into private hands and the private hands have worsened the situation,” the Mayor stated.

He disclosed that the CCC is now making a plea to cabinet  to take over garbage collection in Castries North,  Castries East, Castries South and Castries Central.

“We have the capacity,” Francis declared.





  1. Yes indeed Mayor man. Castries is a filthy dump. Stinky and noisy. Clean up the garbage and stop the noise in all little holes. Sure people want to be entertained, but that should be done in designated areas. You call police complain about the noise, they never show up.

  2. Not that man that say due to family constraints he wouldn’t go up for Castries Central. So how mate on my TV and Online so much?? He doh have family again???

  3. I can see the stress of flambeau all over his face. He was once strong SLP now he giving them talk when he falls out with UWP more talk again smh at him

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