Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mayor: Decades-Old Tree Cut Down In Castries Was ‘A Disaster Waiting To Happen’

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Amid a wave of criticism over the recent felling of a decades-old tree on Brazil Street, Castries, near Derek Walcott Square, Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel has defended the action.

She acknowledged the importance of trees in cities for their aesthetic value and their contribution to a healthy environment. 

However the Mayor told St Lucia Times that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) consulted the Forestry Department regarding the tree’s impact on the pavement.

“It was causing a problem with the pavement, causing the sidewalk to become uneven and it was impacting persons in the City,” Landor-Gabriel disclosed.

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And she indicated that some pedestrians had tripped and fallen in that area.

In addition, she explained that discussion with the Forestry Department revealed that the base of the tree, which had stood in the capital for some 60 years, had already rotted and was ‘a disaster waiting to happen.’

Lendor-Gabriel said the CCC moved swiftly to engage stakeholders and get a contractor to cut down the tree at a quiet period on the Sunday before Carnival when traffic was not at its peak.

“Had we not cut this tree it may have just collapsed and caused significant damage to nearby properties and perhaps even cost lives, because none of us knew when that tree would fall,” the Mayor stated.

She described the decision to cut down the tree as very important and one that the CCC did not take lightly.

“As someone trained in environmental management I understand the importance of trees and I understand why people would be responding in that way. But let me assure the public that like them, I felt he loss of that tree, but we needed to take the right decision,” Lendor-Gabriel declared

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  1. My mom almost 70 years with knee problems fell by the square due to uneven sidewalk. I have missed falls myself around that area. Thanks for making the right decision.

  2. Wonderful!!
    Two years ago I twisted my ankle while walking on the square because the roots of that tree caused the sidewalk to be uneven and I did not notice. I’m not used to coming to this side so I was totally unaware and never ecpecting this in the city. I still have issues with my ankle to date. Thank you Madam Mayor.

  3. I want some of the wood…where can I get it please….can make a nice table top…And please stop bashing the lady for the decision… Don’t you guys read? It was unhealthy…. obviously a major decision like this for an important tree like that must be for a good reason.. I also agree that the tree should be replaced…love the cherry blossom idea

  4. You are more likely to get killed/ hurt in Castries from the following than from this tree:
    – leg slipping down a drain due to a failed slab covering
    – getting hit by a vehicle by using the recently erected stupid red railings on the Chaussee
    – tripping on the uneven surface on sidewalks(all over)
    – bumping into the extensions that valmont…chrieki and others have done on the sidewalks

    Priorities : the tree had no chance to defend itself.

  5. who is that stupid woman? this is what slp have for mayor of castries? a “lookoon”. girl just because your man tired of you, it does not mean the rest of st lucia have to suffer too! you cut down a 1000 year old tree just so? what a case! woman go deal wth your man frustrations! the tree did not cause it.

  6. Cherry Blossom or conversely we can do a competition to allow Saint Lucians to pick the trees we can place back in the square.

    Criteria would be size, aesthetics, root system, ease of care, ability to provide shade. There are so many different types of trees indigenous to Saint Lucia, that we dont know the names of, this can be an educational as well as reforestation exercise.

  7. Like to recommend cherry blossom trees to replace the beautiful giants we once had. Can the wood be used to make organic seating in the park instead of the boring standard looking benches that are there?

  8. So Madamme Mayor, you cut this tree due to rot which threatened public safety…ok clearly a safety decision and a sad loss of such a beautiful tree…but u never mentioned planting another tree to replace the one that was felled…with the heat that beats down on the Island, it would be wise to plant more trees and make Castries a garden city..

    • Well said C-Wiz. Castries needs more trees, and flowering trees. But this initiative needs to be well thought out. One cannot plant just “any tree”!

  9. Wait isnt this the same tree the huge branch fell off midday while people were near by? That tree was drying out already. Just plant a cherry tree in it’s place

  10. Oh My goodness!!!! The tree was rotten. I am sure if it had fallen on some of you in the chat there would be something else to say smh

    • Questions for the most honorable Lucian high grade since you have all the answers and want to defend the dumb and hypocrisy decision making by your party since you are clearly a party hack. how was it ever confirmed that this exact tree was the one causing the issue with the sidewalk? Has any effort been made to repair the sidewalk? Why wasn’t an additional tree planted in its place? If the mayor was so concerned about pedestrians why did she allow the vendors to start selling on the sidewalk isn’t that a harzard as well having to go into traffic to avoid them. This administration is full of hypocrisy and I must thank them for opening the eyes of st.lucians to see them for what they really are 5 years in not forever remember that.

  11. The last administration took all the money that was allocated to fix the square and just left it like that what a shame now the trees are being cut down all of you will pay for what you all are doing to poor Saint lucia

  12. I can’t believe some of those comments I’m reading. Are we dupe,or we are allowing politics to infiltrate our minds.
    The tree was a hazard, the side walks were being damage and also an accident in the waiting.
    No to long ago, there was a situation where a huge tree fall on a car in,England and there was lost of lives.
    Let’s be real leave politics aside,for the benefit of us all and this Island, sweet St.Lucia.

    • Politicians have Lucians arguing and cursing about a rotten tree meanwhile people in both parties are collecting their big checks. Is like some people have nothing else going on in their life but politics.

  13. As long as you preserve the big one near the Church; they say its been there since Columbus. You should consider some Palm trees around the Square.
    Trees are good for Cities. It uplifts the beauty of any City. God created them.

  14. This is proactive mayor in this particular situation. Someone must have the testicular fortitude to make a decision and I support her in that regard. Just replant an almond tree and control it from it turning into a giant catastrophe come next 40years. . I always say when you kill a tree plant one back. Most of the trees needed to replant..

  15. Ms. Geraldine those dirty rum shops are impacting citizens as well. Hope you get rid of those. I want my child to be able to walk through the city and not be exposed to such.

  16. It seems we just dont like trees in the City. Its sad. Look around the city overseas and see the trees they have around,


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