Friday, September 20, 2019

Mayor Defends Enforcement Of Laws Against Petty Crime

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Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has defended a crackdown by City Police against petty crime, declaring  petty crimes lead to bigger ones.

He told the MBC Television programme Police Insight on Monday night that people believe that he as Mayor came into office and implemented certain laws.

The City Police have been arresting persons for urinating in public, while in recent weeks, the Mayor’s office has issued warnings to owners of commercial goods vehicles against parking on the sidewalk.

It has also cautioned business houses against placing signs on the sidewalks.

However, the Mayor declared that the laws are on the books and are only being enforced now.

“I believe in enforcement and people must understand, it’s the petty crimes that bring the big ones,” Francis said.

“The things we say ‘That’s nothing’  – the guy who just cursed on the road. The next time, he punches the person; the next time you hear that he uses a knife – we have a death,” he explained.

The Mayor disclosed that shirtless males who are on the streets washing vehicles have been picked up, cautioned and released.

“In Saint Lucia, the thing we produce the most is indiscipline,” Francis stated.

“Why do we allow people to sell alcohol on the sidewalk?”

He asserted that people see persons who enforce the law as enemies.

“Let’s look at vendors. Vendors could vend anywhere they like – put up shop anywhere. We have situations where they put these concrete things to tie down their umbrellas and they leave them anywhere,” the Mayor stated.

He disclosed that as a result of persons being injured by the objects, the Castries Constituency Council has had to pay up in respect of a number of claims.

“We have paid a lot of claims,” he told Police Insight.

“Peterson Francis is not there to win votes. Peterson Francis is there to do what is right; what is safe and  what the  citizens expect from any public official,” the Mayor declared.

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  1. Can’t agree with you more Mr Mayor. Time to make things better for every citizen. I have seen what those shop signs do to pedestrians. In that endeavour, you have my full support.

  2. Thank you Mr Mayor, you are teaching St. Lucians for the first time in decades what obeying laws mean. May the Lord strengthen you to continue your work.

    Meanwhile visit Chisel Street sidewalk between Brazil Street and Micoud St on the left side.
    Vendors have taken over the complete sidewalk. No place left for people to pass.

    • This country has been a free for all for so long. As if no one remembers what it is like to follow the rules. And the Mayor is spot on. You ignore this rule because meh! No biggie. You graduate to ignoring another one. Then another and another. It will be tough to change this anything goes mindset. And many people will get upset. Those who benefit from anything goes. But there are many more people who prefer an orderly country. Where issues are dealt with and laws upheld. You can start by shutting down as many of those rumshops under the CDC as you can to keep in compliance with the Liquor License Act. This is a cause of many of the societal ills facing us. Chicken and rum.

  3. Well done Mr Mayor. But CCC also has their role to play. Every where there is a vendor there is a CCC attendant collecting a fee. Everywhere someone puts up a plywood hut, they need CCC permission. Plywood is a wonder fuel source for fire. Just remember, Castries has burned down. TWICE. It is this sort of lax attitude that leads to disasters. Only a matter of time before it happens again.

  4. “Shirtless males” washing cars have been picked up caution and released OK so what crime is that to be shirtless ?? Caution on what don’t leave your house without a shirt ?? I must ask my councilor what laws on the books that states you must have a shirt. I am not against indiscipline as long as they are not breaking any laws or troubling people I rather see fellows washing cars than robbing tourist or just hanging out and begging every Tom Dick and Harry that pass them by. Earn a honest buck no matter how low it may perceived by some as long as it’s honest.

  5. You are 1000% right Mr. Mayor. A youth in Brooklyn used to beat up his fellow students in Kindergarten, with impunity. When he became a teanager, he murdered someone. Anyone can Google it; the facts are there. People sometimes break the law in front of their children, and as the children get older, they emulate the behavior of the adults; so if we want to stop the transfer of bad behavior from one generation to the next, we have to penalize the adults. When people get hit in the pocket, they think twice before breaking the law again. Anyone who disagrees with you, is part of the problem and not part of the solution.

  6. Should have been mayor 30 years ago. Castries would be the most organized city in the Caribbean.

  7. St. Lucia experienced a breakdown in discipline and has not recovered. Along the way, we witnessed all sorts of transgressions that were left unattended. I came home one time and was shocked to see houses constructed in the cemetery… among other violations.
    It is refreshing to see the mayor taking the bull by the horns and addressing the indiscipline that now plague the place. Some people will have to pay for their nastiness or selfishness. I hope the mayor also attend to the psychotic people around town. They present health and safety threats to the general public. Great job mayor! St. Lucians have a choice to play or pay.

  8. enforcement, I agree, i know that we still have a long way to go in that field, we still have the nuisance of loud speakers or amplified speaking as music, at any time of the day, not only in the city but in all the land, where as, there is legislation in place to regulate that! good luck Mr. Major!

  9. Mr Mayor kudos to you. You have continued to give the best interest of our country priority.
    I will reiterate….you are the only mayor that i have heard about……doing worthwhile things with my tax money.

    One love

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