Mayor Excited About Developmental Prospects In Castries

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis is very excited about the developmental prospects as well as the changes coming to the city of Castries, his office says.

According to a news release from the Mayor’s Office, Francis has hailed an MOU which will see Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean and the government of Saint Lucia establishing a long-term concession agreement.

The MOU  formalises the terms and responsibilities for a joint venture to manage and operate the current cruise pier and terminal facilities at the Port of Castries, the release stated.

It was  signed during a ceremony  on October 21, 2019 in San Juan, Puerto Rico at the FCCA Cruise Conference.

Speaking to this ground-breaking achievement by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Mayor Francis says this development highlights the commitment of the Government to the visitors and residents of Castries and people of Saint Lucia, according to the press release.

“This is great for the city,” Mayor Francis was quoted as saying.

“It is a very exciting time for us and both residents of Castries and citizens of St. Lucia should be excited as well,” he declared.

“This development will be a wonderful complement to the Castries Vision 2030 which will see a complete transformation of the city of Castries. Currently, the 1st phase of the Market Redevelopment Project which is part of the vision plan is nearing completion.  The many other enhancement projects in the pipeline will include a sidewalk rehabilitation project, the upgrading of George V Park and the Derek Walcott Square and the pedestrianisation of the William Peter Boulevard to name a few.”


  1. Only a few gets the big bucks in this country. Time is running out for the white man, the racist coolie man and the dictator Mayor.

  2. I thought the Parking meters should be up by now mr. mayor. Anyways why is a PPP agreement is good for the cruise ports but not for the Airport?

  3. Be carefull with what you sign when you dealing with the cruise industry,because they will suck your blood,its all for their benefit you wont be able to put a foot on their harbour

  4. Festina Lente, Mr Prime Minister.

    It appears the Government keeps confounding the doubters, inherent detractors, party hacks, disinformation purveyors, I want it now party poopers, micro soundbite political megaphone mega mouth pork snorters, inept and controversial hole diggers, opposing for opposing sake but not actually apposing Opposition. And while they are at it squabbling over themselves, the incumbent administration is getting on with the business of Saint Lucia. When will we ever learn that it is not a Flambeau or a Star issue but a Saint Lucian issue. We were born Saint Lucians first not die hard party supporters. I support the party that puts Saint Lucia and Saint Lucians first. Carry on Mr Prime Minister….On y vas…

  5. C-WIZ, you are the master at just putting words together and saying nothing. I really believe that your posts should be compiled in a booklet entitle “SAMPLES OF BAD WRITING – AVOID AT ALL COSTS”.
    However, I give you that – you busy calling people party hacks while you come out so clearly a part hack. Pot calling kettle black???
    You will serve your party better if you improve on your idiotic posting. Just a suggestion so that you appear less an idiot than you really are.


      Not a bad suggestion indeed. But since you love to hate my writings – although I suspect secretly you rather hate to love my writings – I leave to compile that booklet of my ever growing ‘SAMPLES OF BAD WRITING – AVOID AT ALL COSTS’ to you. In so doing, you would have accomplished in one fell swoop, the great feats of immortalizing both you and myself for posterity and sharing the infamous title of being idiots together.

    • How idiotic can one be to suggest to another to ‘SHUT UP ‘ on a media that registers written text not voice mail? You obviously don’t know the difference between the two or inherently ignorant of the appropriate phrase to use. It would appear to me the D school has people of more smarts than you.

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