Mayor Laments Non-Enforcement Of Environmental Health Laws

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has lamented the lack of enforcement of environmental health laws by the Environmental Health Department.

“Look at environmental health – look at the mess we have in the City. All businesses, they do not have grease traps. We have rats; we have all these things – who’s enforcing (laws)?” Francis said Monday during the MBC Television programme, Police Insight.

He noted that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) gives people permission to sell food and other things, but is not responsible for policing environmental health matters.

“Nobody goes and checks these things, but let somebody die in there – all of a sudden you hear a committee is formed,” Francis told Police Insight hosts Shervon Matthieu and Camron Laure.

He spoke of individuals who sell fish on the road.

“The guys are there from eight O’ clock in the morning – bare backed; no ice, nothing- flies over everything. Where is Environmental Health? Why are we allowing it?”

According to the Mayor, Saint Lucia must be one of the most blessed countries in the world to not have had an epidemic.

Francis made the comments while noting that certain government agencies, including the Customs and Excise Department, are not ensuring compliance with laws they are supposed to enforce.

In the case of the Customs department, the Castries Mayor observed that it is supposed to ensure that persons who sell liquor have licences.

“You find before that Customs would go to the business places and make sure that your licences are in place and so on,” he told Police Insight.

Francis also spoke of vagrants in the City.

“Are you hearing Human Services doing anything? ” He asked.

The Mayor said he will continue to advocate for agencies to come together and enforce the law.




  1. Some guys decades ago had too much idle time on their hands and decided to write stuff in books and pack them on a shelf. This is how laws are treated in this country. Regarding the liquor license, there are stipulations as to how close to a school and place of worship those bars are allowed (200 yards). There are stipulations about the concentration of bars in an area. And there are stipulations about the effect on the neighbourhood. All of those are violated in Castries. Do you hear those in the places of worship around Castries taking the authorities to task? Do you hear the school officials taking those responsible to task? First thing you child sees on a morning: rum shop or drunk. Leaving school in the afternoon? Rum shop, drunk and loud music. Some example for our kids to look up to. As the mayor said. People aren’t doing their jobs. What happened to all the mayors before him? Just collecting a pay cheque. This is why this country is in such a mess. Nobody cares. Just give it some more time….

    • “zabo” please dont reproduce. Let the stupidity end at you. Do your country a favour.

  2. Zabo must let you know that, he respects all opinions , with no comments! hope you do the same, because not even a couple has the same opinion! always remember: opinion is not law! respect!

  3. I must commend this mayor. He has been doing an excellent job so far. Haven’t heard much about mayors.. Until he came into office. You can see what is being done. Its not just talk.

    Mr Mayor, continue the great work.

  4. Like this is the only public servant that sees there are so many issues in this country. WTH are the rest of them doing? And WTH have they been doing all these years? Getting fat on taxpayers money and not lifting a finger.

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