Mayor Says Efforts At Cleaning Up Castries Paying Dividends

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Castries Mayor Geraldine Lendor-Gabriel says the initiatives undertaken by the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) to clean up Saint Lucia’s capital City are paying dividends.

“We will continue to keep the situation under review and ensure that we build on it including public education and engaging communities,” Lendor-Gabriel told St Lucia Times.

She explained that some of the communities face challenges and need help.

As a result, the CCC is working with development partners to assist, including providing waste disposal receptacles.

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Lendor-Gabriel disclosed that the CCC over the past few months, especially leading up to the Atlantic Hurricane Season focused on cleaning up communities, drains, and waterways in the Capital.

In addition, Lendor-Gabriel recalled that the CCC had partnered with the plastic waste recycling pilot project – RePlast, to bring plastics into Constitution Park to minimise the number that people discard.

Nevertheless, she acknowledged that more can be done.

“Our staff understand what needs to be done. They just need the resources and the support to do it,” the Mayor observed.

She said the CCC initiatives had brought benefits to Castries by minimising flooding.

The former General Manager of the Saint Lucia Solid Waste Management Authority (SLSWMA) spoke against the backdrop of recent persistent heavy rainfall.

“We had a serious downpour in the City but the water subsided and we didn’t see a large amount of garbage blocking our waterways. So we keep working and we keep focused on what is important in the area of sanitation in our City,” Lendor-Gabriel told St Lucia Times.

She said the CCC understands the need for continuous education and enforcement as well as the council’s own responsibilities.

However, she observed that other agencies have responsibilities as well and the CCC is reaching out to them for a closer working relationship.

“In the meantime we do what we need to do and what we can to ensure the impact of improper waste management is minimised,” the Mayor declared.


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  1. St. Lucians do not give a rats a*s about this island….but they will visit other countries and make for dam sure , that they do not do the same crap they do in St. Lucia, what a dam shame. This culture have been going on for decades. they just don’t care, the age ignorance have pass, but they insist to remain ignorant… what a dam shame again….no pride for the nest that they sleep, eat and sh*t…wow

  2. Great job fixing capestate hwy, thank you, however the air and jump in front of Lucelec was untouched! Please put some focus on that particular spot.

  3. You mean all the garbage and filth they dump in the parking lot of the cdc on a daily basis. stinks so bad people have to leave their homes. we know the real story lendor. and what you saying aint it. you just transferred the problem to another location. nothing more.

  4. Sin throws away and is grace that has to pick it up 🙏
    Cleanliness is holyness !
    Le travail est la santé !
    Merci,bon boulot 🙏

  5. Great Job however if you want to continue keeping Castries and the rest of the island clean we need to educate our people on how to dispose their trash but again I think most of them just don’t care sad

  6. The previous mayor was responsible for imposing fines for urinating in the open downtown. The place smells much better and the city collected cash from offenders who were caught. Why doesn’t the city actively enforce fines for littering the place? It’s a chance to collect cash while minimizing blockage of the drain. I can’t think of one place that I have been where city littering is passively accepted. Some of that money can be used to repair the sidewalks which are mainly trip hazards. Those strips of metal that pass as sidewalks are all amputation ready.


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