Monday, February 24, 2020

Mayor Says Powers Of Arrest Of City Police Not Limited To Capital

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has dismissed what he describes as the ‘nonsensical’ notion that the powers of arrest of City Police officers are limited to the Castries municipality.

Francis says that according to the Saint Lucia constitution, the Commissioner of Police has overall responsibility for law and order.

He explained that even before recent legislation in the House of Assembly, the Commissioner was entitled to administer the oath of office.

“I could decide or the (City) council could decide that we want you to be a City Police officer. If the Commissioner decides that he is not giving you the oath of office, we cannot do anything. In other words, you cannot be a City Police (officer) with arresting powers,” Francis explained.

The Mayor said once the Police Chief administers the oath as an officer, the person becomes an officer ‘island wide’.

He explained that City Police officers are not limited to making arrests in the four Castries constituencies but are ‘officers of the state’ working with the office of the Mayor.

“The law tells you clearly that it is the Commissioner of Police who will authorise whether they can carry guns or not,” the Mayor stated.

He said the law even allows the Police Chief to direct a City Police officer to perform duties of the regular police.

“So for instance if we have a strike or we have some form of unrest, the Commissioner of Police does not even have to ask us for our permission – he has the right to detail these officers, but obviously he would inform us. But it is not as if we have to give him a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’,” Francis said.

He declared that the government has not provided the Mayor with an army.

“Everybody believes now that it’s too much power fr the Mayor, but before they were saying that the City Police were illegal. But now the legislation has passed to regularise  or make sure there is no ambiguity in that, now people are saying that they have too much power,” the Mayor stated.



  1. Are you kidding me. You have a few people who were given a job as a city police officer, the key word is (city) before officer. From what you are trying to force upon us St.lucians is that your city officers could make an arrest island wide. If that’s the case you Mr.Mayor is making a Mockery out of the police foundation. Those people who are now police officers, not city officers but Police Officers who went through so much training, studying hard to be the best, graduate as one of the best from the police foundation. Why should one have to do all this to be an officer where as they could just come join the city police and be a regular officer. Are the city police and police officers getting the same salary. Mr. Mayor is people like you who are in position that have society hating others in authority. City police are out of their jurisdiction if any arrest is made outside their boarder

  2. Mr.Abc, I believe that you should read section 18 d of the constitution to educate yourself and stop being a fool and stop trying to mislead St.lucians.You are not an authority on law, so take my advice and do some read.The law is there so please do some research.

  3. Since you want me to read law then you should read more and educate those who are not respecting the law of right of freedom of speech. The law where citizens could make an arrest but should they, No they shouldn’t because it’s not their job it’s the job of a Police Officer. Allow the city police to stay in their jurisdiction.

  4. Mr. Senior did you read the part of the law which states St.luica is not a communist Island. So why are so many individuals treating like that.

  5. Mr.Sinor what about the part of the law which states when an arrest is made the individual has to be stripped of any thing which he might use to harm himself while in custody so tell me how did the young man was able to hang himself At the micoud police station

  6. All I can say on this matter is that police officers need to make their presence known. Just the other day I read an article of the captain who went to the police in castries for aid to apprehend someone who was impersonating him. Apparently were all busy so he got a city police to assist.
    So if a city police is in gros islet or south and all the police officers on duty are busy instead of a regular citizens arrest ,I dont see why not if they are willing and capable.

    So let’s train the city police to be better officers, above our sheltered st.lucia police force.

  7. I think the Mayor is getting way out of bounds. Let them do what their job title dictates; “CITY POLICE OFFICERS!”

  8. So now they can arrest you for peeing publicly islandwide? Mr Mayor, is the charge for peeing in Laborie still 1000.00 or is it cheaper. I need to budget.

  9. Seems like the Mayor wants to establish his own police force. As far as im concern city police should be given a different uniform and this is what the Mayor need to work towards this. Meanwhile u giving them powers of arrest they should be charging their own ppl and taking them to court not dropping them off at central or cid

  10. Being a policeman is a career,you go to school and learn and get trained.Now what?,you just aply for a job? is this a joke of some demential guy? you trashing the profesion,this is an insult to all that wear a uniform

  11. Do City Police undergo the same training as traditional Police Officers?

    If not, then their powers to arrest should be limited to the City.

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