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Mayor Says “Saint Lucians Have Not Seen The Best Of Me!”

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has assured Saint Lucians that the best is yet to come from him.

Francis, who has won widespread acclaim for transforming the capital, made the comments during a recent radio interview.

“I would like to assure Saint Lucians that Peterson Francis is made of – I don’t know if they sell that material in Saint Lucia yet, stuff that is not going to give up,” he stated.

He explained that with the support he is getting from members of the public, “Saint Lucians have not seen the best of me as yet.”

Francis said he was committed to making the City safe, especially during the festive season, so that people could go about their legitimate activities.

He asserted that there is need to stop partisan politics and put the country first.

“Peterson Francis is there for the country,” the Mayor explained, while a guest on RCI’s Newsspin programme.


    • That’s called CONFIDENCE!! But I am not the least surprise that a St. Lucian would see it as ego. We are our worst enemies.

      • Was it Confidence when he tried to get a female police officer punished just for doing her job? Was it Confidence when he complained to the media about the Police Commissioner for simply asking the agenda for a proposed meeting between them. And “joking” about taking the commissioner position. You see it is not only this incident that shows his ego is out of control. It was been many incidents. There is a difference between being confident and being an ego-maniac, the mayor is closer to the latter

    • My point exactly, you chose to focus on one or two issues, while either intentionally or inadvertently not drawing attention to the many successes and positive changes. The issues you have cited are minor in the whole scheme of things. If you expect perfection in an imperfect world then it’s ego.

  1. Oh please Mr.Mayor up to now your own City Police Officers cannot even see the best of you much less the nation . It is proof your officers are working under horrible conditions no insurance coverage which you said would be in place, December will be two years they are operating on a probation salary for two years though they have graduated, no welfare in place for them up to now they are Spams cannot be matched with Spc in the Royal Police Force salary and you keep saying to them they not doing well enough when everyone knows they have made and been making a big difference in the City . It is written if you cannot be faithful over little you cannot be faithful over much. Take care of the Ones you have under you before you want to talk about St.Lucia. This is hippocracy. They literally hado to beg you to adress the mold situation Mr.GreedyJo. if you run for elections hope God will not permit a heartless man like you to win.

  2. St.Lucians have not seen the best of you? Your own City Police Officers are yet to see the best of you. You have the City Police Officers working under very horrible conditions. They are police officers exposed to harsh conditions working without insurance coverage which you have been putting in place for two years now and though they have graduated still working and receiving the initial probation salary…who does that as a leader .And to cover up as a reason not to pay them their increase you keep telling them instead of motivating them that they are not performing well enough. If a man cannot be faithful over little he cannot be faithful over much. Go and look after the City Police Officers and the City Council before you can talk about St. Lucians. And there is rumor of you running for elections ..What a hard and self centered Minister you will make pass the ones that exist . One thing I can admire is your guts to say the things you say of yourself when the reality is clear. You think its good that my boyfriend labours in the hot sun ,chasing down criminals , taking matters to court to be told repeatedly by you that he doesn’t work hard enough and be waiting in vain for over a year now for you ton increase his pay? Another December to not be remembered. Go and give your best to the Council workers and especially the City Police for you want to say St. Lucians haven’t seen the best cause is the worst the city Police have been seeing …when will that best ever come??

  3. Humility is one of the greatest virtues a good leader possesses. A good leader never blows his own trumpet. His work is his true appraiser. Mr. Peterson Francis has done some good things for the city of Castries, that’s undeniable. However, he has an over inflated ego which needs to be deflated. He wants to usurp the authority of the Police Commissioner, run rough shod over everyone he comes in contact with. He talks about himself excessively. The man is narcissistic. He has given himself God status as if he is a deity. Mr. Mayor, I’ll leave you with two quotes:
    1. God hates those who praise themselves.
    St. Clement
    2. Let another man praise you, and not your own mouth.
    Proverbs 27:2

    • Great comment, even if you are doing good things do not gloat about it. Let your work speak for itself

      • Exactly! Realist, you are spot on. Anyone who gloats bout what he/she does, do things for self aggrandizement and not genuinely for the good of the people. If you have been listening to this man carefully for some time now, you would have already come to the conclusion that he is driven by self importance. Looks to me that he has/had a self-esteem problem so he has to blow his trumpet to conceal it. I look at how people in authority treat those without power. The way the Mayor treated IPA, he tried to ridicule, marginalize and tarnish the man’s character. He wanted to make the man look cartoonish,. I lost all respect for him. You can tell a person’s true character by how he treats someone who is in no position to do anything for you.

  4. Blowing his own horn as if it were a societal norm. Sure, he is doing a decent job but praises usually comes from others. My advice to him is to stop the self-promotion and keep focused on the prize. The way he is going, looks like he is going to wrap flashing Christmas lights around himself.

  5. I don’t get it the man is simply saying he can do a better job than he is doing and we are yet to see his best. Simply meaning that he has more he can and will do, if he can’t do better or has more left in his tank it means that he can resign. Are u telling me that he should come out and say I’ve done my best and I can’t do any more or better. With his position he is simply saying what he is doing presently and what he intends on doing in the future. It’s now up to us to examine and see if it’s right or wrong or wether he is doing a good job but he has the right to promote his office. We all send job applications and we go to interviews and that’s the stuff we write and say promoting ourselves as one who will be a future asset to the establishment. Now if we were to be interviewed while in the job we would all have to say what we acheive already and what we can do to better the establishment. If you can’t state that then you may as well resign or should be fired. If you’re waiting on someone to compliment you it will take time, if you’re waiting for a pat on the back from another it might never happen. So my advice to my fellow man without making others feel inferior or allowing pride to take over remember your mirror is your biggest supporter. Dress and feel confident and comfortable, compliment yourself, examine your life and be thankful and great ful for your acheivements. Love neighbors as self, if you don’t love you then you can’t love a thing.

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