Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Mayor Sets September Target For Parking Terminals In Castries

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has announced that the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) has set a September 2019 target date for the installation of parking terminals in the Saint Lucia capital.

Francis made the announcement to reporters Wednesday during a news conference.

“We are making tremendous progress on that,” he explained.

According to Francis, the final ‘go ahead’ is currently being awaited from the Development Control Authority, which has to grant permission for the terminals to be placed on the sidewalks.

“We are looking at a target date of September and we should have these terminals installed and running,” he stated.

“We are not going to stop there because we now have a work in progress where you find that we are looking at parking overall not only in the North, but even the South and so on. What we are working on presently is a situation where  you find people will now be able to use their phones,” Francis disclosed.

He explained that persons will be able to use the scan feature on their phones to obtain a parking spot and pay online.

“Let’s say for instance, as soon as that is done, when we have jazz – we have anything up North and people are parking everywhere; that will be something of the past. So you could leave your home at whatever time; you don’t have to  rush to go anywhere. If something starts at 7.00 pm,  you have to go from 3.00 pm to see where you could park – that is something that we are going to rectify,” Francis told reporters.

He also disclosed that the minister has the authority to declare any area a parking site.

“For example if something is happening in Gros Islet and you have a yard large enough to accommodate vehicles, the minister could declare that area a parking area and obviously it’s not that  they will be taking over your land – you will be compensated.”

“That is the good news that we have about parking Islandwide because any place they’re going to have activities we can do that,” the Castries Mayor told the news conference.




  1. I hope you will pay the landowners properly? All those cars parking could damage the land devaluing their property. Besides that good luck with the initiative.

  2. “the minister could declare that area a parking area”

    So you’re saying I can go park my car on rich people land and pretend I rich for the day. Or would that law only apply to people who can’t afford to challenge it in court?

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