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Mayor Sues Christopher Hunte, Choice TV For Defamation

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has filed a lawsuit against Television Talk Show Host, Christopher Hunte and Choice Television, over the publication of material which Francis alleges to have been defamatory.

The material is alleged to have been broadcast during Hunte’s television programme – Politically Incorrect.

Attorney at Law, Horace Fraser, who is representing the Castries Mayor, told St Lucia Times that the publication made allegations of corruption against Peterson Francis.

Fraser said the programme basically accused the Mayor of being a thief.

“We don’t think that in the publication Mr. Hunte was careful in checking the facts before he made that publication,” the Attorney at Law observed.

“In particular, he had a section of the publication entitled ‘Speculation’, and it was indeed speculation when he  had some gentleman who claimed to be a Councillor, which meant that he had information, and he proceeded to say a number of things against the Mayor which really had no foundation,” Fraser stated.

He explained the extent of damages in the case would depend on the Judge.

“It not a case where you can say what sort of damages would apply. It’s a matter within the Judge’s own discretion and purview,” Fraser noted.

Both Hunte, who was on air at the time, and Choice Television were not immediately available for comment.


  1. You can talk for yourself but you cant let others talk and spill out their venom.You will get into trouble.

  2. It’s about time they called this guy in for some of his remarks. Some border on libelous. I’m all for having talk shows, even when they are blatantly political operations masking as news in the interest of the people, but even there too, there should be integrity in practice.

    • Mr. Frederick deals with facts only being that he is a lawyer. So i don’t think your wishes will come true

  3. i heard this guy in passing and most of the crap he said was vomit-worthy. so good for the mayor.
    he accused government workers of travelling for money. he forget that he and his family spent almost 10 years in new york on the government purse. that hypocrisy of his is no laughing matter. he is a political operative with a big red chip on his shoulders. labourites always get envious when they are no longer using the cofffers of the public money. so they cheat, lie, and steal to make sure they get back in there. so when i hear guys like Hunte on tv spilling vitriol to the masses, i shake my head because those who actually listen should know the deceit they are being fed by SLP hacks like this. This is why him and others like him, should continue to remain outside of power. when they get in its always for them, their friends and family with no qualifications, not a word of complaint from them then. as soon as its the other party the red ants nest start moving. thankfully the people of our country know who they dealing with.

  4. So you all would prefer he kept quiet and we don’t know what is going on….when they try to silence the media

  5. Goverment officials need to be told that they are accountable to the people who have placed them in office. Public office is not the personal property of government officials. The Court should make that clear, that you cannot sue your employer when you fail to maintain the integrety of the office to which you have been appointed by the people.

  6. Juke bois is king of talking without investigation but you’ll will come talk crap about hunt and federick who has evidence to back up what they say.. st lucia I feel sorry for you..

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