Monday, November 11, 2019

Mayor Urges Corporate Sector To Support Relief Effort For Fire Victims

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has said that he is counting on the corporate sector to support an ongoing effort to bring relief to victims of the recent Rose Hill fire.

“Corporate Saint Lucia I am also depending on you,” Francis said in a statement released by his office Monday.

According to the statement, the Mayor has made the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) a drop-off point for donations to victims of the Rose Hill fire.

It quoted the Mayor as urging Good Samaritans who would still like to assist the fire victims to drop off  goods at the Castries Constituency Council  (CCC) offices located on Peynier Street, Castries.

“Every donation, from clothing, food items, lumber and household items regardless of the size, will make a huge difference to those impacted by the fire,” Francis observed.

The Castries Mayor had recently expressed sadness at the devastation caused by the fire  on the first day of the new year to some seven households, particularly children.



  1. So whilst I support this initiative I would like to know why did the Government of Saint Lucia abolish the relief fund for fire victims. So corporate Saint Lucia and the average resident can help but the government cannot?

    Why was it removed? What has been the beneficial impact? Is it time to reestablish this fund?

  2. Mr.Mayor, whilst it’s true the Fire Victims are in need of support,to rebuild their lives, I urge to tell the mixed degrees, Prime Minister to reinstall the destress fund the previous Administration had in place to assist fire victims,the poor and inderjent.

  3. Mr. Major, ask your government what did they do with the relief fund for catastrophe victims, or what ever it was called? if it was abolished , well, let them take their responceblity; if it is still on, well start helping the victims! until donations come in! Unless if the people dose not matter for the government=
    Remember catastrophes has no frontier.

  4. Well said Senior and Zabo. Stop making the poor feel helpless. WE can do better put the fund in place. RESTORE IT

  5. Mister Mayor,I worry about the people that lost their homes.But on the other hand,we have to stop all these ilegal houses that spring up all around the city.I cant believe that all these little shacks are placed on land that they own.Besides there is no control,of sewage,ilegal electric conections and water.Lets stop the proliferation of what is a great problem.

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