Mayor Vows To Act Against Errant Vendors Despite Vote Threats

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Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has declared that he will do what has to be done to bring order to vending in the capital, despite vote threats.

He made the comments while noting that Saint Lucia is currently in the ‘silly season’.

It was a reference to impending general elections.

“When we take action and especially now, we are going to be threatened, we are going to be threatened by what? By votes: “I am not going to vote – I am waiting’,” Francis told reporters.

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But the Castries Mayor explained that’s not the issue.

He said there’s a very serious matter regarding vending on the road.

And Francis noted that the authorities have gone to lengths to uplift vending.

In this regard, he recalled that the government has spent money on a new Provisions Market for vendors.

However the Mayor lamented that the vendors refuse to go there.

As a result, he explained that on any given day some 70 stalls in the facility are empty.

According to Francis, all the vendors are on the road, a situation which he said the authorities cannot tolerate.

He observed that trolleys have also appeared ‘all over the place’.

“It’s a very serious matter,” Francis told reporters.

“That also brings the question as to the crime situation, because as long as you are trying to do something in Saint Lucia orderly, people have a problem with that,” he explained.

The Mayor told reporters that when the authorities try to do the right thing, people accuse them of fighting the less fortunate.

“But we have to do it right and we are going to see that it is done right,” Francis stated.

Headline photo caption: Vending booths at Provisions Market

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