Mayor Wants Halt To Student Loitering In Castries

With the re-opening of schools for the new academic year, the Mayor of Castries, Peterson Francis, is seeking the cooperation of students in stopping student loitering in the Saint Lucia capital.

In a statement released by his office Monday, Francis observed that there are many students loitering after school with the intention of doing ‘something mischievous’.

“Although it may be a small offense, this just might evolve into something bigger which involves the law. They make loitering a hobby, so therefore we have to put a stop to it. Parents need to get serious about parenting as well,” the Mayor was quoted as saying.

He also appealed to teachers and principals to play their part curbing loitering, which has been cited as one of the problems associated with societal decay.


  1. Yes time to teach them a lesson in discipline. Cuz these negros on this island know nothing about holding people accountable for their actions. All they do is give excuses for bad behaviour.

  2. Man hold your a** leave the kids alone. There is bigger fish to fry in Castries. Whe we were going to school we all use to hook up with our buddies after school especially after a long summer vacation check out the girls buy pop and lolly do teenage boy and girl talk we socialize before we go to our repective homes it’s the norm we all did it Francis hold your a**.

    • Good move Mayor.
      Wow, Lucian Highgrade, we know u loiter and we are indeed sorry about the way your brain works. Thank God you do not represent in any way who St. Lucians are.
      If u did, we would all be doomed.

      Mayor, start the anti-loitering actions with lucian highgrade.

    • I understand your concern. They don’t do it how we did it. Go see for yourself. Linger a little longer in their and you will agree with the Mayor. If you watch them they curse you and ask what are you looking at. Disrespect people. Did we do that? Too many criminal activities in this place. We not to put an end to it. It’s the small that escalates into the huge one.

    • It’s not the same now. They’re fighting and pulling knives all on Micoud Street, having the cops carry them off in police vehicle which is definitely not a good image for school kids!!

  3. I agree with the mayor 100%. Children need to go home after school and do their chores and home work. This will also keep them out of trouble

  4. Good luck with that. If the mayor can accomplish such he will have been able to do something that forever hasn’t been able to do.

  5. The kids of today are different from those of my time. As kids, we were lucky to get that
    six pence for a ticket to see the second part of Captain Marvel serial at Clarke’s Cinema.
    There was that lady who sold roasted nuts near there, those who could buy would share
    with the rest. It was a joy to attend to let out a few he-gass, years later it was e-sa-lop.
    None of us kids ever got in trouble.That was then, but today they drive around in cars with
    tainted glass windows. Violence and stupidity today is universal, no one is safe anywhere.
    We are privileged to have a Mayor today who cares for Castries as a true ‘City Father’.Thanks.

  6. Good move Mr. Mayor,

    “An idle mind is the devil’s workshop.” They’ll hang around long enough to come up with some stupid idea, that’ll result in trouble. Go home and do homework while the day’s teachings are still fresh in your minds.
    LucianLowGrade, shut your dumb Nig’ger mouth. We Lucian’s deserve a better smarter youth.

  7. Why do we always make this was students being the problem?
    Students need engaging after school programs. Where are they? How about a skateboard park in Gardens?

  8. Yes JACK, I just remembered: we kids spent a lot of time in the GARDENS. Some played
    Basket Ball, Tennis, Cricket, there were the Swings, the Merry go round and that guy who
    was sent home from the U.S. a bit nuts, non violent, who kept repeating the same to himself
    and it was no use trying to engage him in a conversation, but we didn’t bother him, and there
    is good old Vigie Beach – So i ask, why do the kids of today crave for anything different? God help.

  9. It’s only when something good comes to play’ll find out how many ignorence we have in saint Lucia. The mayor is trying to avoid school children from getting into bad vibes . all ignorance waving their mouths. Atell U.

  10. What it got me was a scholarship to study AND ACHIEVED degrees in Electrical Engineering at New York Institute of Technology with an associate minor in Electronics Engineer. Retired from the City of New York with my full pension plust 401k living comfortable back in my country. Don’t let the “Highgrade” fool you clowns it’s not my nickname it’s the name of my business. Now what do you have ?????

    • High grade. I must congratulate you. I believe you have in degree in ignorance. If you have achieved so much why not help the youth achieve something by creating some form of educational activity after school with your 401k instead of teaming up in criminal activites.

  11. You should see the blue coral mall on an afternoon. As an employee it’s frustrating when I can’t even hear my customers properly and I have to speak above the noise level.

  12. Times have changed, the scholars of today have changed. And this is not to say that kids are not allowed to be kids but, Before it was all clean fun, now it’s all violent “fun”. Great idea mayor, reinforce the curfew, invest in more afterschool programs (music, sports of any kind) even after school jobs, volunteer programs, that should help. Have patrol officers on the streets to keep them from getting too idle. It takes a village, this is not a one man show, so please grownups and responsible adults of various positions lets do our part and help out.

  13. What he needs to put a stop too is the guys who hangs out in the boulevard charging people for parking and drinking alcohol with the money then harassing people all day

  14. Hey high grade,I am not being personal here but you sound like one whose values hinge upon your technical achievements, so you convey the impression that you have arrived. You think you have earned the right to denigrate and intimidate others who differ with your opinions.Sir, I mean well here. I think you can make better use of your time online. I think of you as an intelligent human being with life experience and useful knowledge. Please let me suggest that you use those blessings to encourage and motivate another generation to aspire and accomplish like you did. I’ve been following you on this medium for a while and have concluded that you will go out of your way to start a fire(there are times for those)but will do nothing to help avert conflicts.
    Then, maybe you are not what you are claiming. Sir, I respect your opinion but you are making an ass of yourself

  15. Dear Mr. Mayor,

    The students are safer in the city than being home ALONE or going to their home ALONE while their parents are still at work. You thinking of mischief but what about their security. Schools normally advise their students to walk in groups after school to avoid incidents of robbery and other criminal attacks.

    What we need is more after school programs to curb on the loitering. Let’s focus on that instead.

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