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Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am
Updated on July 3, 2020 8:43 am

Mayor Warns City Restaurants Over Improper Disposal Of Fatty Waste

Castries Mayor Peterson Francis has warned restaurants in the capital that his office will ensure enforcement of the law to bring an end to the improper disposal of fatty waste.

In a statement Wednesday, Francis observed that the improper disposal of waste fats clogs City drains.

“We need to continue encouraging businesses to assist in the reduction of pollution and flooding by not putting fat, oil and grease down the drains,” he observed.

“This problem is a big one and whether it is from a health or environmental perspective, food establishments need to take full responsibility or face the law where that matter is concerned,” Francis declared.

He said that waste fats which are quite visible from some restaurants create problems for an already compromised city drainage system.

It’s not the first time that the Castries Mayor has called attention to the problem.

He recently suggested that government agencies responsible for enforcing certain laws, are failing to do their job.

Francis referred specifically to the Environmental Health Department in connection with the problem of improper disposal of fatty waste by restaurants in Castries.

He also mentioned the Department of Human Services when discussing the problem of vagrants in the capital.




  1. The mayor is leaps and bounds ahead of those other administrative clowns. I am willing to bet that once he is finished, Castries will be transformed… for the better. It’s sad that Castries was allowed to fall into such disrepair together with a breakdown of discipline.

  2. Didnt have to read this to agree …this is a good move ,its either u make clean up their act or pay to clean up the mess …out 1 out of 10 is good

  3. Is that guy schizophrenic or something. On one hand he is talking about cleaning the city and calling out eating establishments. On the other he is turning a residential area with eating establishments to a communal garbage dump:

    This guy is losing his marbles it seems.

    • What the hell is schizopherinc about what he said? Do you really understand the meaning of the adjective you just used there? You illiterate idiot.

      • Found the [email protected]$$.

        Schizophrenia is a mental disorder characterized by abnormal behavior, strange speech, and a decreased ability to understand reality. Other symptoms include false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking…

        The reality is he is using a residential area as a garbage dump for all the City Waste. The same waste he is now complaining about in an area it should not be dumped in. If you’re too ******* stupid to understand how deluded this man is you should have your tubes tied and/or snipped. Morons like you prove why Eugenics should be a thing. Party hack!

  4. Some of the st.lucians restaurant owners they’re the ones who don’t accept changes always believed that they’re victimized disrespect all kinds of complaines they making thousands of dollars but just interview them ohh sales are bad going slow and on the other hand they Nasty Salop and all I know when the city council will clamp them down you’ll hear what they will say .

  5. Yeah good move.

    However you’ve got a rubbish dump smack bang in the middle of Castries and residential area.

    Whether it is from a health or environmental perspective, you need to stop this practise like yesterday.

    One rule for some and not others, set the example by discontinuing a rubbish dump in the middle of a residential area.

    • This guy seems to be forgetting how much he is endangering the lives of the people living there and customers of those restaurants with that garbage dump in the CDC. That man is a fraud and has multiple personalities it seem.

  6. Mayor Francis, while people talk about wanting to see their country better, you are working assiduously to make it happen. Places that cook food, especially those places where they are using oil for frying and other cooking, should have a container to dispose of the oil. And a schedule should be put in place to pick up the contaner from these establishments. I applaud your continued effort to keep St. Lucia the beautiful island it is. Keep the pressure on.

  7. I agree with what the mayor is saying. But we all know that the responsible agency will not start at the top. They will always go after the small hole in the wall restaurants. Only When I see they start at the top, then we will see they mean business.

  8. Oil and water don’t mix and proper disposal is the correct thing to do but the problem I have with this is what proper water oil disposal agency is available in st lucia. Not only for restaurants but automotive as well. When you collect waste oil what does the government do with it st Lucia has no refinery so this how you know he chatting pure carp and just fetching but I will give him credit for the initiative

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