Mayor’s plan to clamp vehicles criticised

A plan by Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, to place clamps on vehicles that are illegally parked in the capital has been criticized by the former President of the National Taxi Union (NTU), Lucien Joseph.

He believes Francis should re-think the plan.

Joseph, currently the President of Holiday Taxi Cooperative Society Limited, told the Times that the Mayor should first ensure that there is a place for all the mini buses that are parked all over Castries.

“We don’t have enough areas to park vehicles, apart from the Castries car park,” he said, adding that practically half of the capital has been taken over by the mini bus sector.

Joseph asserted that if there is one area reserved for the buses, it can be transformed into a place where tenants can operate restaurants and other businesses thus providing revenue for the Castries Constituencies Council (CCC).

He declared that if the Mayor is looking to make money, that is the way to go.

“I do not believe that going to clamp things on people’s tyres  and things like that will go down well, because this country has too many problems now for people to go and look for more. What we need now is solutions, not for others to try to impose their weight on poor people,” the former NTU President stated.

He said:

“In essence what they will try to do next is when you come into town you will have to park by the Vigie playing field and  get a bus to Castries. That is the next thing I am listening to hear.”

Last week,  the Mayor of Castries announced the plan to clamp illegally parked vehicles when he addressed a cocktail party, a  50th anniversary event of the CCC.

In addition to the clamps, Francis said there will be  parking meters in the City within three months.


In addition to the clamps, Francis said there will be  parking meters in the City within three months.


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