Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Mc Claude Emmanuel Appointed CEO Of Citizenship By Investment Unit

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The Citizenship by Investment Board (“the Board”) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Mc Claude Emmanuel to the position of Chief Executive Officer (“CEO”) of the Citizenship by Investment Unit (“the CIP Unit”) effective 1st March 2022.

Mc Claude holds a BSc. in Economics and Business Management from the University of the West Indies and an MBA (Marketing) from King Graduate School. He is also a certified   project management professional (PMP) and business professional – marketing.

Prior to his current appointment, his former roles included Human Resources Project Officer of the St. Lucia Electricity Services Ltd; General Manager of Radio St. Lucia Company Ltd.; General Manager of McDowell Broadcasting Ltd; Marketing Manager of Cable & Wireless (St. Lucia) and most recently, Mobile Lead of Cable & Wireless (St. Lucia).

With a decade of leadership experience in marketing, strategic management, operations management and economic and financial analysis, Mc Claude brings pivotal skills and a wealth of experience necessary to innovate and enhance CIP Saint Lucia to achieve even greater success.

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Mc Claude shall be responsible for the overall management of the affairs of the CIP Unit comprising of fifteen staff members and monitoring the Citizenship by Investment Programme to ensure that its independence and integrity is maintained and managed in accordance with international best practice.

The Board looks forward to working with Mc Claude and reassures Saint Lucians and the CIP industry that together with the CEO, they shall utilize their best efforts to discharge their duties with integrity and the highest standards of professionalism, to keep CIP Saint Lucia thriving and thus meaningfully contributing to the economic development of Saint Lucia.


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  1. “Whenever I would restore the fortunes of
    my people,
    Whenever I would heal St-Lucia ; but they are
    unfaithful to me !
    St-Lucia mixes with the nations ;
    Lucie is a flat cake not turned over.
    Foreigners sap her strength,
    but she does not realize it.
    Her hair is sprinkled with gray,
    but she does not notice.
    Her love is like the morning mist
    like the early dew that disappears.

  2. Mike, Labour inherited this from UWP, remember UWP never tender any work. Well Labour copying it. By the way when will Hilaire repair the Marigot Road?

    • Lydia Pierre know your history, the benchmark year for that kind of behavior in government started in 1997 under the Kenny administration. Since then it has become worse and now I think it has reached the pinnacle of FFF.

  3. Young looking man- hope he can stand up to Hilaire! For those clowns on here talking about FFF etc, isn’t that the obvious move for any politician to make? Why would Hilaire hire someone he knows is affiliated with the other side especially with all this roro with CIP. We need to be real. The hiring/ favoritism of FFF will never stop (UWP SLP LPM GP etc), we all do it, infact we do it everyday, some of you just did it today! We simply need to hope and pray that these appointees execute their duties with honor!

  4. Only the FFF degrees are recognized for any position. Some no experience is necessary and for other FFF their limited experience is lauded,over emphasized and enough to propel them to the top or to keep their past posts. For others experience and qualification means jack sh$t because you are not considered part of the clique, you are seen as a minion whose purpose is to toil and labour so the big boys and girls can benefit. Give me Chas anyway. I thought I was voting for better.

  5. Was the job advertised? Were applicants interviewed and assessed by HR professionals in conjunction with the board and management? Or was it another direct appointment as we have been seeing lately? These important institutions need the best, most qualified leaders to direct their affairs. Jobs for the boys must stop to ensure competence and progress.

    • @Mike what you expect from a man who has never had to work for anything and have had it handed to him on a platter. EH has never earned a position on his merit and so he has always left every organization on a bad foot. Now he surrounds himself with FFF because he needs yes men around him

  6. You all have mentioned that he is highly accomplished and qualified but what qualifies him for this particular role? Does he have some form of legal qualification? Any formal finance qualification? I really don’t understand how both regimes keep hiring business men with no formal knowledge specific to such an entity. Out of all the experienced persons who may have applied to this extremely sensitive post, you all keep you all keep hiring puppet cats to hiding your shit!

  7. Young man your role is pivotal to the recovery of this economy. So lets give the lord the thanks for role he has bestowed upon you. Plse accepts the challenge with grace and humility. Just remember you are accountable to your lord and the board.

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