Medical & Dental Council Issues Statement After Suspension Of Dr. Gilbertha St Rose

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The Saint Lucia Medical & Dental Council has broken its silence following the case against Dr. Gilbertha St Rose.

The council suspended St Rose’s licence for six months and fined her $10,000 over accusations of the unauthorised use of the drug Ivermectin to treat COVID-19 and unapproved clinical trials.

In the statement, Council Chairman Dr. Andre Matthew noted that the organisation had a legal mandate to investigate misconduct allegations to ensure public safety.

The full statement appears below:

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COVID-19 – The Role of the Medical and Dental Council and other Health Authorities
The Medical and Dental Council, established by the Health Practitioners Act, to promote high standards in the practice of medicine and dentistry wishes to inform the public of the following:

1) The Research Ethics Committee, established by the Medical and Dental Council, has delegated authority to ensure ethical standards in the conduct of medical research. In the interest of public health and safety the Research Ethics Committee assesses research applications for approval and monitors the conduct of any research approved by the Committee.

2) The Chief Medical Officer, is the medical practitioner authorized by Laws of Saint Lucia to educate the public in the preservation of health, protect the public from fraud or deception in connection with food and medications, direct the public medical service, and manage the treatment and isolation of all suspected or confirmed cases of communicable diseases, such as Covid-19.

3) In accordance with Laws of Saint Lucia, a medical practitioner in private practice is required to notify the team of medical officers of health led by the Chief Medical Officer, if any person professionally attended by him or her is a suspected or confirmed case of a notifiable disease, such as Covid-19. Laws of St. Lucia do not authorize a medical practitioner in private practice to keep under their care and manage any suspected or confirmed case of Covid-19.

4) The International Health Regulations is an instrument of international law which legally binds Saint Lucia and other members of the World Health Organization. The International Health Regulations aim to prevent, protect against, control, and provide a public health response to the international spread of disease and requires that health measures to be implemented by member states, are based on any specific guidance or advice from the World Health Organization.

5) The Health Practitioners Act requires that health practitioners perform their duties competently, trustworthily and with utmost regard for the welfare of their patients. The Health Practitioners Act also requires that professional misconduct in the practice of medicine and dentistry is investigated by the Medical and Dental Council and that the Medical and Dental Council takes action, if after investigation it is satisfied that a practitioner has a case to answer.

Finally, the Health Practitioners Act requires that in all matters the Medical and Dental Council acts independently, impartially and in the interest of the public.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. So that is the only case the law of st Lucia see to go after yeah so many life’s of people destroy by doctor you’ll know it where the law for this people .but she try to help us with you’ll shoot her in the foot .but want us to take a vaccine from a next man the killing us crap .

  2. We all wonder when did SLU get so crime infested ? The attitude of ST Rose and her supporters is a reflection of the same attitude of criminals. This attitude will condones lawlessness. The mango doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  3. The International Health Regulations is an instrument of international law which legally binds Saint Lucia and other members of the World Health Organization. …this is 1 of the reasons!….legally binds STLU to WHO….SMPH…..

  4. Lucians: United we stand, divided we fall!

    Judging by the comments so far, the establishment of elites is winning against us. The CMO & the SLMDA are very happy that their trolls have been successful at keeping the narrative at the level of “FOR & AGAINST” Dr. St. Rose. This takes the focus away from the their malfeasance & criminality during this scam-demic!

    Will someone point me to anything that the CMO and SLMDA have done professionally to combat Covid-19 successfully? Have they recommended any prophylactics against it? Have they published any prescriptions for early treatment? Have they documented and disseminated their program of hospital treatment? Have they outlined and published recommendations for patients that have recovered from Covid-19? Have they explained why medical personnel are not aspirating the syringes to confirm that they are not accidentally administering the Pfizer nano-razors directly into a victim’s blood stream?

    On every account, the medical authorities in St. Lucia have been criminally negligent, and have resorted to blaming the victims of their negligence, as well as any medical personnel who will not be party to their grift! Even as increasing evidence of their criminality is uncovered daily, they will not relent, but will double down on the persecution of anyone who sees through their shilling for Big Pharma (much like the boy who announced publicly that the emperor had no clothes).

    Let’s examine reality for a bit: The chances of getting seriously ill from the virus is negligibly low, even lower than the flu; yet in St. Lucia, we have had so many deaths from Covid-19. Looking back, the number of deaths has only increased in proportion to the number of St. Lucians who have taken the vaccines – which are still being administered under emergency use authorization, because Big Pharma does not want to be held responsible for the adverse effects of the jab.

    One question for St. Lucians: Do you trust that the medical authorities in St. Lucia will acknowledge that the increasing number of “Covid-19” deaths are attributable to adverse effects of the jabs?

    In case anyone has forgotten (because of the heavy marketing of vaccines by our health officials), here is a sampling of soundbites we have endured over the past year (note the sheep):

    Here is the link. Remove the quotes, and replace the “dot” with a “.”

    If our “butter couldn’t melt in her mouth” CMO, or the arrogant head of the SLMDA had enough guts to take critical questions in any public forum, you could throw this video in their faces; it would be more effective than tomatoes or shoes!

  5. Watch how Biden’s press secretary freaks out when asked why Covid-19 test kits cannot be made freely available to all US citizens.

    Combine both parts of the link provided below, and don’t forget to replace the “[dot]” with a “.”:
    “https://www[dot]youtube[dot]com/” must be joined to “watch?v=tBuTUdEIm_M” to get the complete link to the video.

  6. I don’t see anything in the article/press release, above, which is directly linked to the persecution of Dr. St. Rose by the SLMDA.

    I read Dr. St. Rose’s statement yesterday, which was very forthright with details of her persecution.

    It is very clear that the medical authorities persecuting her cannot be as forthright because their actions have been cowardly; bordering on the criminal (criminally insane, that is).

  7. Only time will tell. How many persons in St Lucia have been adversely affected by ivermectin? How many have been adversely affected by the vaccine?

  8. Dr. St Rose is not the only person that they are persecuting so that the drug companies can repackage the ingredients in ivermectin, call it something else, and sell it for 1000 times the price. This is the business model that is under threat right now. And doctors like Gilbertha St Rose and others stand in the way. Dr. St Rose should contact those doctors in the US, UK and all over the world whose governments dont listen to them. Have a big zoom conference on the issue regarding alternative treatment for COVID. tell us the time and date so that the st lucian public and others all over the world can watch. This witch hunt of doctors who history will show were the real heroes in the covid fight must stop. better yet, an open air conference near the Caribbean sea, salty breeze, hot sun and covid dont mix, is even a possibility. Stop this madness and persecution of doctors who dare speak up!

  9. boy as a seasoned worker, i will give you some advice that looking back was the best advice that I had ever gotten from a coworker. it is that: once you see those crazies in positions circling for power and trying to throw this one or that one under the bus, the best you can do is to sit on the sidelines and don’t involve yourself. make yourself absent. today is hers tommorow is yours. or let the rotweilers fight each other. street smart people understand that. educated people do not really get that. pal just keep quiet. dont do no press release. ask the CMO and the others to do it.

  10. You all must really think Lucians are STUPID….cause we do remember the times ours brothers and sisters have been harmed or KILLED by doctors on this island only for the SLMDA to do NOTHING! Many go to Dr. St.Rose cause she actually tries to even undo the damage doctors on this island has done and you create lies to remove her license. Thank you for showing that the MOH and the SLMDA have treated citizens like trash.

  11. I also urge the lil brother do not let them use you as a scape goat please because you will be in the line of fire when it comes to scrutiny. The is natural the same ones who you think is backing you will become the ultimate traitor so look ahead and don’t get consume by power. The Dr. St. Rose situation is just an isolated factor but you know within the realm of operation there are alot of malpractices

  12. The Medical and Dental Council, established by the Health Practitioners Act, to promote high standards in the practice of medicine and dentistry wishes to inform the public of the following: – this clearly expose the legitimacy of this institution and by whom sanction or give accreditation to it? whatever they are barking on is completely irrelevant. If you are an association stick to it. Now the pressure is mounting and it is a colossal task for them to defend there own i urge the public to turn up the pressure.. local language – pressure burst pipe… the policies makers and legislator cannot bend the rule to favor one and allow others to carry on with there criminal activities.

  13. I wonder what they will say when Faucci is found guilty and sentenced to jail. Sorry Dr. St. Rose? May God plead the case of the innocent and the guilty not go unpunished

  14. I may be the Lone voice crying out from afar, ”stop the blame game” there are ‘Rules & Regulations’ you either do or die,

  15. The Percentage of Patients Doctors and Nurses have Killed at V.H and OKEU Hospital No Doctor nor Nurse have Been Suspended and Fined .All their wrong Doings have been Covered up by these Doctors .Doctor St.Rose Should appeal the Judgement and the Case should Drag at the Courts for the Next 10years .Too much Shit happening in St.Lucia

  16. Witch trials all over again, go figure!!!!!! I call Bullshit. I won’t be taking booster shots over and over again, that’s for sure!

  17. Ivermectin has been proven to work. But y’all only want people to take the an experimental shot which y’all are calling a vaccine. If any other drug had as much side effects and deaths, all use of it would have been halted. But the new world order and it’s objective must happen no matter what

  18. Wow we are in a very serious problem . The leaders of this country are messed up in their head and lack basic love and consideration for all the victims who have suffered wrong through those departments. Boy equal rights and justice is a myth in this world and nothing can be done unless we get that rather than abuse of power and failure of our leaders where they still abuse their power to stay on top .

  19. All of you need to resign at the soonest!! You have failed the people that you were hired to serve – the people of Saint Lucia. You have stood by while we die from Covid and prevented us from getting alternate treatments that we believe are better than your injection. You have gone so far as blocking the importation of drugs which are needed to treat other medical conditions – in an attempt to prevent the use of those drugs in the treatment of Covid. You and your Cabal are definitely the enemy of the people and must go!!! We the people will never forget the injustice that you have done to us at a time of great need. And I will let you in on a secret – Dr. St. Rose has more of a following than you think! We will make ourselves known when the time is opportune.

  20. Dear Medical and dental jokers, Tell us why all these people that are fully Vaccinated are dying. There is uprising in Trinidad because of the vaccine. People are getting sick and dying. Tell us what’s in the vaccine and the side effects of the vaccine? There are other countries using ivermectin and its working. The agender it will all come out. There is a god and you’ll will reap what you all are sowing. There is always an investigation and you’ll are always right. We will see…..

  21. Now tell us about all the other misconduct cases you investigated. Mob justice is the worst type. You with all your fancy degrees should read up on history

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