Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Medical University Being Sought To Occupy St Jude Buildings

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet has provided another update on the work on St Jude Hospital noting that the project is ‘progressing’.

Writing on his official Facebook page, he said because the previous buildings were not built up to standard for a hospital, the Government is currently negotiating with several institutions to allow for the establishment of a Medical University in the buildings which were previously constructed.

“This will serve as a strategic move as it will allow both the hospital and the university to benefit from the services and opportunities of each other,” Chastanet explained.

The reconstruction of St Jude Hospital deliver a 90-bed facility that will cater for both inpatient and outpatient services.

According to the PM, the project involves the construction of:
a) A new wing to incorporate all the functions and services of the existing East and Surgical Wings.
b) Integration through retrofitting of some existing buildings to achieve a fully functioning hospital to match the services of a level 4 facility; and
c) Revision of the internal layout of buildings to be integrated for functional efficacy and compliance to minimum standards.



  1. .… other words I want to do it my way. “Integration and Retrofitting ” It simply means to break walls to make lager space and retrofit pluming and electrical to conform to your desired standard. Now with this been said why the need for a “medical university” when there is one down the street next to the Brewery ? If the building is good enough to house a “university” why was it not good enough to be a medical hospital for The St Lucian People ? Why was “Integration and Retrofitting” not on the table IN THE FIRST PLACE if that was all that was needed , considering the dire urgency for proper health in the South ?? I will tell you why St Jude have become a political Ponzi Scheme for Allen Chastanet and teefing Guy Joseph. It’s all about borrowing and spending, CRONYISM and pure NEPOTISM and stick the bill to the working poor of this country to burden this facility was near completion when they assumed office, Guy Joseph spent one million dollars of The St Lucian people’s money in assessment and evaluation and now three years later they come to the conclusion that we can or could have “INTEGRATE AND RETROFIT “. There is something sinister and moronic about this administration.

  2. Chastanet right! Treat y’all like second class citizens in y’all own country … y’all health not important he and his family can afford to go overseas. All those defending this heartless man…HE DAMN RIGHT

  3. Ever asked yourself why the SLP Administration didn’t complete the (St.Jude’s) Hospital even after spending millions over the original contracted price? The Ministry of Health is currently trying to locate a container of high end furniture imported for the hospital. Patience.

    • ANDREW, ANDREW, ANDREW, why are you trying to deflect? I guess anything for you political massa. This country will become better only when people like you, Andrew, learn to deal with the issues at hand and stop political mischief. Imagine you prepared to damn your soul (by lying) just to defend your massa. Andrew, you are really still caught up in slavery. Please emancipate yourself from mental slavery. All your postings have proven that you are a member of the 43% preschool club with a docile field slave mentally.

      • Andrew Magloire is a house slave of the highest order. Playing blind to the wicked ways of his massa. Only when it hits home will he come crying for sympathy. By then it wll be too late!

  4. Don’t worry y’all dumb dumbs can’t comprehend what’s going on with St.Judes but it will all make sense to people that think further than the politically coloured lines. St.Judes will be finished and opened with a university to fit and all y’all will be doing is blah blah blah. Especially Lucian Highgrade with the pappishow he talking about.

  5. Who is giving chastanet his ideas? you cant have a national hospital in a key place like the south turn into a university hospital with everything attached to that hospital! black people in st lucia are not up for experimentation Chastanet. most university students in medicine dont know what they doing for the first few years. they are learning. we here are not guinea pigs and we should never allow any government to take decisions that treat us like one! what chastanet dont understand is that university hospitals are attached to actual universities and not the other way around. you dont convert a main national hospital to something like this. if people want university hospitals, they have to build one. not use what you have for conversion. i guess intelligent people will always leave these islands en-masse due to politicians like this both SLP and UWP. so there will always be a brain drain on these islands while the “lapo” who can do no better stay back and make stupid decisions. this move should be resisted at all cost.

  6. Yeah… Was waiting for the true agenda behind the that move……that’s what you always wanted to do mean while… they have to tie patients down with bedsheets because the nurses can’t monitor patients with the low staff rate in the hospital you running after them with your stupid pah male attitude….and allllll these yellow followers can do is pick your ***


  8. Don’t know why the labour people didn’t asked Kenny why he didn’t complete St Jude’s hospital such hyprocy in that country it’s unbelievable.i would like SLP to win the election and implement an 18 percent tax in you all Bam Bam.But last thing I have to say people are not stupid a bunch of …..

    • Like Chas increasing the Airport Tax by over 100% and creating a new Air BnB 7 % tax. Also you do know that the UWP have been in power longer(2009-2011, 2016-2020= uwp 5.5 years, 2011-2016 slp=4.5 years) than SLP for the St Jude’s Hospital Project right? And SLP never stopped construction even guy admitted at the chamber of commerce if continue construction St.Judes would be open by now

  9. From the start that PM had his agenda or should I say his father’s agenda. This man came to conquer and leave us empty. All the land acquisitions from his friends and family in the name of touristic development we got to know were just bailouts. This man does not have the interest of st.lucians at heart. Where are the social programs? Most playing fields are in a mess . We’re paying more for gas now for the past 3 1/2 years. Where’s the lock box ? How much is in there ? Why are the roads still in a deplorable state . In my opinion based on what I’ve heard and seen from guy Joseph and chastenet , too many stories with no endings . They are laughing at st.lucians right in their face.

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