Press Release:-The Leo Club of Castries is a non-profit voluntary organization which exists to serve the needs of the less fortunate in our community.  As a program of the Castries Lions Club the Leo Club of Castries continues its service to the community.  

During the first quarter of the Lionistc year (July 2016 – June 2017) Leos were engaged in community Service.  From the monthly breakfast feeding every first Saturday morning at the Ave Maria Girls Primary School, to partnering with our parent club – the Castries lions – in engaging youth in Canaries in volunteerism.   

We also benefitted from a mentoring youth in service project organized by our parent club.  This involved treating the patients at the Mental Wellness Center.

In order to promote our club and to attract young people to join we have embarked on a series of short video clips and messages from our members beginning with the phrase “I am a Leo because………”  These weekly messages will be posted on our FB page and Instagram as well as electronic media.

Look out for us on Facebook, – Leo Club of Castries – St, Lucia

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Or email us @ [email protected]

If you are between ages 18 – 30 and want to give back to community then the Leo Club of Castries offers just that – Leadership Opportunity, Experience – COME JOIN US TODAY!