Mental Wellness Centre Announces Security Review After Patient’s Death

The National Mental Wellness Centre has extended condolences to the family of a man who was a patient of the facility, after his body was found on a beach opposite the centre.

Thee centre has also indicated that it is reviewing security measures.

Executive Director, Jennifer Forrester, said in a statement Thursday noted that late on Sunday evening, it was discovered that Engelbert Joseph was missing from his ward.

Engelbert Joseph – Deceased patient

“Upon realising that the patient as missing, a protocol that is in place at the facility was activated,” Forrester explained.

She disclosed that it entailed informing the police and the patient’s family.

“A search was conducted after the alarm was raised,” the Mental Wellness Centre official recalled.

She said after a thorough search was made of the compound of the Wellness Centre, Joseph was not found.

“On Wednesday of this week we received word that Mr. Joseph was found and he was deceased,” Forrester stated.

She revealed that at the Wellness Centre, officials are reviewing all security measures in place to protect staff and patients.

“We are seeking to strengthen what we currently have in place,” Forrester stated.


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