Friday, December 13, 2019

Met Office Cautions Against ‘Overzealous’ Reports About Weather

The Saint Lucia Met Office is concerned that overzealous reports about the weather are giving people the wrong impression.

Meteorological Officer Andre Joyeux explained that at times persons become ‘overzealous’ and report on a simple issue but sensationalise it by giving it more significance than it actually has.

Joyeux told St Lucia Times that in Saint Lucia a wave is a normal occurrence.

But he noted that persons would make it sound like a heavy rainfall event.

“There are waves that give you significant rainfall, but sometimes it’s not a good idea to twist the words of the Met Office. It gives people false impressions,” Joyeux stated.

He recalled that he heard a report indicating that there would have been rainfall for the entire weekend.

“I did say we had one tropical wave on Friday and one on Sunday  – that doesn’t mean that the entire weekend would have had rain,” Joyeux declared.

“I think it’s best if persons are not sure of what is going to happen, call the Met Office and verify the report because any interview that I give is in sync with what is being said by the Saint Lucia Meteorological Service,” he told St Lucia Times.

The Met Office official noted that there was some flooding in the Bexon area as a result of recent rainfall and urged citizens against indiscriminate dumping of garbage.

He recalled that the tropical wave on Friday brought thunder but very little rain, whereas the wave on Sunday resulted in ‘significant rainfall’ mainly in the South of the Island.

“We had 43.9 millimetres of rain recorded at Hewanorra International Airport and I would expect that over the interior of the Island – Dennery to Soufriere, we would have gotten a lot more rainfall because some of the rivers were flooded,” the Met Official stated.

“I know there was some flooding in the Bexon area but I think that was due to blocked culverts,” Joyeux observed.

He said there’s need for persons to not dump garbage indiscriminately since such a practice can block waterways.

“We all have to play our part in terms of reducing floods and landslides,” the Met Office official told St Lucia Times.


  1. Please please Joyeux, do your work properly. from since the rain season started, if you go back to your records you will see that on every single weather forecast given indicated that there will be a chance of rain some which may be heavy, and where have have been have blazing hotttttttt sun……what every data you guys are collecting and putting into the module are very very incorrect.

  2. We are still fearful of the lack of information on the weather during the Christmas trough. It was too was dealt with like a regular wave and life was lost.

  3. My brothers and sisters let’s not be too hard on the officers at the Met. Station. They are doing their best given the limited data supply and the type of equipment that is available for them to work with. There are times, the weather forecast will be 80%-90%(10% error) and there are times, the error level will be greater. Please let us support them and look forward for improvements in the forecasting. Also, we must try our to interpret the weather forecast correctly to the best of our ability. Blessings to all

  4. We are not trained but at least the information you send out there should be done properly and not to mislead persons. Life have been lost due to incorrect information given. Its like telling me the dog is puppy and it wont bite and i still got bitten by it.. SMH

    • Sometimes puppies do bite mate. Weather reports cannot be spot on and determine accurately local conditions. It can accurately predict the passage of a weather system but cannot determine the actual conditions to be experienced upon its passage. These are two very different questions. E.g. Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica and some other territories while it had minimal effect here. Tropical storm Debbie and hurricane Tomas were minimal storms until they stalled over St. Lucia causing the worst damage in our history. The Met office cannot often times predict the amount of rain associated with a system or how much it will dump, it is for us to exercise caution and find correct information.

  5. Keep blaming the met office you’ll idiots anything can happen when the shit Hits the fan.. you’ll are the ones who knows what will happen and how it’s going to happen.. when the shit will hit the fan then you’ll will ask the met office.

  6. I never go by the local weather reports, I go on the internet and check the satellites, NHC and accuweather which all seem to be a lot better than the forecasts we get here.

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