Met office explains inclement weather

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The Met office here has been explaining the inclement weather the country has been experiencing.

Director of Met Services, Venantius Descartes, told the Times that a tropical wave started affecting the Island yesterday.

He observed that the axis of the wave has passed.

Descartes disclosed that as a result, there was a lot of moisture left in the wake of the system.

He said that the system was interacting with an upper level one, causing instability that has resulted in periodic showers.

The Met Services Director noted that at the back of the wave there is Sahara dust haze.

He said that as a result, it would appear to be very dark even if the rain is not very heavy.

“The mixture of the haze and the showers would cause visibility to drop very significantly,” Descartes told the Times.

He revealed that it will remain moist today and tonight into tomorrow morning.

“After tomorrow morning we will have some dryness, so by Wednesday the weather will be kind of fair again,” Descartes observed.

However the Met Office official explained that there is another wave coming in.

Descartes said that as a result, by Thursday into the weekend there should be some more showers.

The Met office has said that such patterns are not unusual for the Atlantic hurricane season.

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