Met Office: Saint Lucia Not Experiencing Record High Temperatures

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Despite complaints about the heat and a warning from the Chief Medical Officer to Saint Lucians to protect themselves from heat-related illnesses, the Saint Lucia Meteorological Services says the Island has not been experiencing record temperatures.

Meteorological Services Director Andre Joyeux observed that there is a heatwave in the United States and most people would associate it with the local situation.

But Joyeux explained that Saint Lucia’s temperature readings do not reflect excessive heat.

“The most we have gotten so far is 32 degrees Celsius,” he disclosed.

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However, the Meteorological Services Director recalled  that Saint Lucia recorded 34 degrees in 1973.

“So this time around it’s not as hot as before,” Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

“What is happening right now is the early morning – it gets hotter very early. From seven, eight, you already have 31 degrees Celsius,” he noted.

“The temperature we record is the air temperature,” he noted, adding that direct sunlight is not recorded.

Joyeux told St Lucia Times that due to infrastructural developments concrete structures and roads capture and radiate heat, creating a hotter environment.

As a result, he advised people to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

However, he indicated that the current situation does not require a severe heat warning.

“If we get to thirty-three degrees that is something we hardly see and then we could put out a severe heat warning,” Joyeux told St Lucia Times.

According to the Meteorological Services Director, the hurricane season coincides with a period of hotter temperatures.

“One of the issues was that we had a number of systems in the area around last week coming into this week,” he observed.

In addition, Joyeux said currently a system is North East of Saint Lucia and will pull moisture, resulting in very humid conditions and less cloud cover.

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  1. Temperature records date back to 1880, the planet has existed for billions of years. We really need to stop with this climate hoax as the planet routinely goes through heating and cooling periods naturally. We should be more concerned about the disappearing biodiversity we’re making possible.

  2. The actual temperature which when combined with other conditions make it feel much hotter, sometimes by as much as 10 degrees. This condition is known as the heat index.

  3. The met office’s readings are the same as other sources. There is always the temperature and another reading of what it actually feels like with the humidex (a measure of how hot we feel. It is a parameter intended for the general public to express how the combined effects of warm temperatures and humidity are perceived) Last week there was a 32C reading but with the humidex it felt more like 39C.

  4. People need to realize that there is actual temperature which is usually between 24C and 31C and then there is the temperature it feels like due to humidity which can go up to 37C. It normally feels hotter on rainy and cloudy days because it is harder for sweat to evaporate since the air is already saturated. The temperature in St Lucia around 7/8am is usually 27C and feels like 33C, be accurate met office. Also it was crazy hot last week because of Storm Earl passing near by which changed the wind direction.

  5. What a silly news report from the Met Office!!! It really doesn’t matter what the broken instruments of the local metereological servlce says about the temperature we have had in recent weeks! Thousands upon thousands of Lucians — whether farmers, landscapers, joggers, students, bus drivers, shoppees, stay-at-home people, security officers — etc., etc., etc., have been complaining about the horrible heat that has blanketted our shores in recent weeks! Dehydration and heat stroke keep nipping at the heels of many Lucians — not just the elderly and shut-ins — as a result of the excessive heat that is currently over our land! What can be the point of Mr. Joyeaux suggesting to the media that we are not golng through a major heat crisis at this time?!

  6. Imagine we have all this sunshine and Dr. Ernest Hilarie refused to repair the Marigot Road. He is waiting for the rainy season then come and talk shate. Dr Hilaire we will demand a new rep soon. 5 years is not 50 years.

    • If it’s 31 degrees C by 7 or 8am, there is not way it will be 32 degrees C by midday. The temperature would be much higher by midday. Your instruments are broken Ma’am.

  7. That Met Officer Should be Tied to a Chair and Placed on fhe Vigie playing Field from 8am to 4.30pm and Give a Report of that Heat in St.Lucia .Mary Pklius and that Met Officer Related or attend that same Course

  8. Joyeux I do not trust the instruments you’ll have measuring the weather. It’s false and baseless. See what happened to us with the St Lucia trough and Tomas???? You’ll were clueless. The weather app had the temperatures last week at 34 & 35…so shut up!!!!!

    When the met office in SLU says it’s gonna rain pack up and head to the beach. This has been happening since Mary Polius days (upper level trough). SMDH


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