Saturday, December 7, 2019

Methodist Church Welcomes Gays, Lesbians But Not Their ‘Activities’

The Methodist Church here welcomes gays and lesbians, but not their activities, Superintendent Methodist Minister, Seth Ampadu has stated.

Ampadu made the comments in the face of calls for the buggery law to be reviewed.

Last week, Archbishop Robert Rivas  asserted that if the law is distressing and it is not serving its purpose, then it has to be reviewed and updated.

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has also come out in support of a buggery law review.

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church told reporters Tuesday that the church does not hate gays and lesbians.

But he said the church does not support their activities.

“We do not like their activities,” Ampadu explained.

He said the church is there to help and correct them.

He said even if the buggery law is reviewed, the revision should not support wrongdoing.

“If we are going to review the law, we should not review it to encourage, to motivate people to do wrong things,” the Clergyman declared.

“If we are going to review the law that will help those people who are involved in those activities to refrain from that – I have no problem. But if we are going to review the law to support that kind of activity, then there is a problem,” Amadu asserted.





  1. Amadu, I thought hypocrisy had your particular god a bit uneasy….Don’t be a hypocrite. You are and will be on the losing side of this argument. Religious bigotry has caused more pain and suffering in human history. Take a good look around and you will see religion is having less significance in the lives of people…Never asked yourself why?

      • Is that all your contribution to the debate? It is therefore obviously clear YOU ARE exactly what you accuse me of – AN IDIOT. Those who can’t respect others’ opinion, who feel offended when others challenge mains stream views, or challenge the status quo. Small brained, tunnel visioned, can’t debate a point with logic, rhetoric or even present something sensible worth reading. But will hid behind the ones and zeros of computer language to spew rubbish…Once the lives or LGBTQ+ were made unbearable by societal bigotry, now the world is gradually giving then their rights to be who they are…and rightly so….Indeed, your bile won’t change the turning tide.

  2. Well said Mr.Minister of Religion,we must show love to our brothers ans sisters in Christ,however,we must be distinctive and to let them know that we do not support immorality and bad practices.What God has condemned,we cannot adorned.

  3. Those homosexual articles are getting so much time on this website. If I didn’t know better I would swear they have some agenda. Is there no other news here. Every day is a gay article.

  4. Who are we to condemn homosexuality. Bible said judge not, yet that is exactly what we do. What about the adulterers,the thieves , liars and fornicators? Is their sin more worthy of forgiveness? Bible says love thy neighbour as thyself. We should practice what we preach instead of choosing which scriptures we should follow. The Bible was written by men, after all. If God is such a loving and forgiving deity, why not forgive all what we consider is a sin? Being heterosexual does not mean we are better than the lesbians and homosexuals. I say each to their own. At the end of the day God alone can judge us. If you are gay live your life to the max, that’s your entitlement. To hell with those who don’t approve. Shame on all those who deign to reject those who are gay. Look deep within yourselves and tell me that you are not a sinner, are you perfect? Do you not make mistakes? I do not believe in religion as it causes hate and war. We should believe in God first and foremost, religion does not save you. Some just make your life a living hell.

  5. That pastor is a real hypocrite, just for fame u invite gays n lesbians to ur church. It’s true this world is coming to an end, and u pastor are one of those fake shepherds trying to lead Gods people. Shame, shame, shame. How can one take a creative tool and put it in a place where only waste comes out, how can u accept such immortality

  6. Very objective pastor… don’t worry about the negative comments. You are making it clear that God loves all is us. Keep up the good work.

  7. Pastor how can you be so cinical and hypocrite,your god created all of us,get married have a woman multiply become a man and stop your fantasies and masterbating

  8. Whereas these religious leaders are silent with all the murders going on a daily basis in these Caribbean islands. Sickening.

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