Friday, February 28, 2020

Methodist Minister Against Death Penalty

Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church here, Seth Ampadu, has made it clear that he does not support the death penalty.

But he stressed that he was not endorsing criminality or suggesting that people who commit severe crimes should go unpunished.

The Clergyman explained that such persons should be given a chance by being sentenced to life in prison and helped to reform in prison.

“Concerning the death penalty, I think I do not support the death penalty at all no matter how severe the crime the person would have committed in the society,” Ampadu said in comments invited by St Lucia Times.

He expressed the view that the death penalty is not an option for punishment.

According to Ampadu, instead of executing persons who commit severe crimes, life imprisonment should be the penalty.

“I believe if we give them life imprisonment, the person can be transformed and reformed,” the Methodist Minister asserted.

“I know a lot of people who would have been condemned to death, but by the grace and intervention of God those people were release and now some of those people – they would have become heroes, doing very well to transform our communities,” Ampadu observed.

“The bible, especially when you look at the Old Testament when Cain killed Abel; God had the right to kill. But God decided not to kill Cain; but rather, God protected Cain. When Cain killed Abel, God did not end Cain’s life,” he asserted.

“He said he sent Cain into exile, not only sparing his life but protecting it by putting a mark on Cain so that nobody would kill him.”

Ampadu noted that in the New Testament when Jesus came, he preached the Gospel of mercy – second chance. So I believe when someone commits a severe offence that the person needs the death penalty, we need to show mercy,” Ampadu told St Lucia Times.

He made reference to the Apostle Paul of the Bible, declaring that Paul orchestrated murder.

“But if Paul would have been killed by then, we wouldn’t get his writings today that is helping to guide our Christian life,” Ampadu told St Lucia Times.

He was of the opinion that is is not right to kill.

“We need to put measures in place so that people will not commit crime or offences that would bring capital punishment or the death penalty. We need to have our people, our society to live in peace and respect every human life and for me, that is the most important thing that we need to do,” the Superintendent Methodist Minister stated.


  1. Hope you live a happy life with your wife and children and that no idiot ever murders any of them.

  2. Well , Mr. Methodist Minister, you have made your point. Now get to work! teach the people the Godly ways.
    I don’t agree to be responsable for these useless murders! hang them all, we don’t need their roots! there are other things to do with the tax payer’s money! you have to think before you act!

  3. I still believe hanging those who have been sentenced for the last 5 years will help reduce crime..those who have been sentenced to life donkey’s years ago have gone off the radar..But the last 5 years there have been some hot asses..Make an example of them.Those still well known to society..It is only when the issue hit home then people understand where victims families are coming from.No mum or dad should bury their child.Hang the hogs.The gallows is not there for sightseeing.Reinforce the already implemented law and lets get to business.

  4. This is the way to go.
    Taking life against a crime should be abolished. These culprits have rights to life and to live, no matter what. The law must be ammended

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