Methodist Minister Lashes Out At ‘Corrupt’ Civil Servants

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia has condemned corruption in the society, singling out what he described as corrupt civil servants.

“Sometimes when it comes to corruption we only point fingers at the politicians, but some of the civil servants are also corrupt. They are even  more corrupt than some politicians,” Seth Ampadu asserted.

Delivering an Ash Wednesday service at the Methodist Church on the theme of Christian Conduct in a Society, Ampadu spoke of people who habitually  go to work late and leave early.

He said at the end of the month those individuals expect the government to pay them a full salary.

“It is corruption,” the outspoken Methodist Minister explained.

Ampadu lamented that some Christians are part of the problem.

He referred to employees who, instead of working, spend all their time on Facebook, Snapchat and other social media chatting with others while customers are waiting to be served.

Ampadu hit out at workers whom he declared extend their lunch breaks instead of serving clients.

He said this was a form of corruption.

Ampadu also spoke out against drunkenness and  gambling, including playing the lottery.

He said some Christians are involved in playing lottery.

Ampadu said it was unfortunate that some Christians see nothing wrong with lottery and gambling but spend all their money on them, destroying their families in the process.

He said  that the duty of Christians to make country, community and family better.

“The Christian must be a salt in this corrupt human society that we find ourselves in,” Ampadu stated.




  1. My friend minister Ampadu,nice words,we have to build another Bordelair,to fit them in.They steal all day,only a few do their job.The spend time on the phone,chatting ,gossip,listening to radio.And this is like that because they know they cant be fired,so from the top to the bottom,all play the game.

  2. I welcome you turning the microscope on those who abuse the system for whatever reason. Indeed, there are a lot of those who cheat the tax payer out of a fair days work for a fair days pay. But in the interest of balance and transparency, I think one of the greatest cons ever concocted is the religious establishment selling false dreams to the so called flock. Now in my opinion, this is one of the greatest fraud met upon the people. The greatest con indeed.

  3. Mr. Minister, you are correct and your admonition should be taken seriously. Too many public servants cheat the system. Their attitudes and work ethic are shameful. However, the church should not get a pass on corruption. The church takes offerings, tithes and monetary donations very often. These monies are used without any proper accounting most of the times. The pastor and his family live in luxury while many of the tithe-paying congregations languish in poverty. Your concern about the public servants is welcomed but call attention to the many churches that use the money collected from their members for personal reasons. Looking forward for your next posting on this.

  4. Let the church get back to holiness and preaching the Word of God. We wrestle not against flesh and blood, so much spiritual wickedness in high places and the church says nothing. Get back to Bible

  5. The church needs to get back to holiness. The true Word of God has been watered down to suit lifestyle. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Why not go into these places and speak of deliverance. So much spiritual wickedness in high places and powers of darkness of this world. The civil servants are exposed to so much which affects them without they even know. Prayer and fasting is the way forward…. Holiness

  6. Ampadu all the people asking you to get back to your holines.But please tell them that holines dosent pay the bills.neither praying all day dosent fill the baskets.LUCELEC,FLOW WASCO dont listen to prayers.But well you have nothing else to do in this world,so keep at it,maybe a miracle will happen

  7. Reverend please clean up your house before going outside to clean. You are beginning to sound like a politician. What have u done and have been doing with the monies collected in your church? The most corrupt people are pastors and politicians not civil servants.

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