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Methodist Minister Says Crime Scaring People Away From Evening Service

Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church, Seth Ampadu, has disclosed that crime is scaring people away from attending evening church service.

“Because of the crime issue the church seems to (be) losing members, especially in the evening worship,” he lamented.

“People don’t want to come out, because they are afraid,” Ampadu told reporters Monday.

The religious minister observed that people feel insecure about coming out.

“Sometimes when you ask them for evening programmes they tell you ‘Rev, where I live, it is very dangerous to come out at night,” he noted.

Ampadu said if people in a society are afraid to come out and worship, then something is wrong.

According to the minister, spirituality is very important to the development of a society.

He asserted that crime will affect the economy which is tourism dependent.

“People come from overseas, but when they see crime escalating – they will be afraid to come out.”

Ampadu, who disclosed that the Methodist Church Hall on Chisel Street, Castries had been broken into as recently as last month, declared that even though the police are doing their best, they can do more.

“The government needs to provide the materials – the tools that the police need and the police should up their game to meet the sophisticated nature of these criminals,” the Methodist Minister stated.

He expressed the view that all sectors of the society need to do their part in the fight against crime.

“The police can do whatever they need to do, but if we – the society, the people within the society, we do not feed them with information; they are not God to know everything,” Ampadu asserted.

He was of the opinion that the church and other organisations have a role to play in combatting crime.

Ampadu stated that crime is posing a challenge not only for Saint Lucia, but the region and the rest of the world as well.






  1. 01/29/2019

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  2. These sick individuals continue their evil actions…unaware or ignorant of the fact that they will suffer tremendously as well as anyone else who partakes of their ill gotten gains. In addition God ‘s house is not to be messed with. The Lord’s judgement will be their portion.

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