Monday, November 18, 2019

Methodist Minister Urges End To Immoral Behaviour In Easter Message

The Superintendent Minister of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia has urged an end to immoral behaviour in a message to mark the observance of Easter.

“The message of Easter must encourage all of us, as a nation to put an end to all immoral behaviors that affect the development of our country,” observed Seth Ampadu.

” As people, let us resolve to turn our backs to  indiscipline, especially on our roads, indecency, dishonesty, disrespect  for our senior citizens, bribery   and corruption,    intemperate  language,  violence and vengeance,” Ampadu declared.

He called on citizens to resolve to do away all activities that seek to destroy the environment and try to preserve their natural bodies for the future generation.

According to the Superintendent Methodist Minister, Easter affords  an opportunity for individuals  to pause and take stock of their lives.  

“Easter allows us time to reflect on the things we did and did not do in the past year and to plan for the rest of the year ahead. We give praise and thanks to the Almighty God in all situations and pray that we may experience His guiding presence throughout the rest of the year as individual and as a nation. As people, we give glory and praise to God for his sustaining grace over the past years,” Ampadu stated.

“We give thanks to God for our National Leaders both the Government in power and the Opposition for how far God has used them to lead us in peace, even in the midst of some challenges that confront us which is common to every country,” he observed.

“As people we are not only aware of the conflicts, fighting,  troubles, violence, shootings, various storms and hurricanes warnings, fears and deaths of our loved ones, but we are also conscious of the love, the joy, the  peace, comfort and warm fellowship we have shared with each other together,” the Methodist Minister noted.

He said as people celebrate Easter, they should remember that the celebration symbolises the victory of Christ over death and over evil.

He explained Easter is a time when God reconciled with humanity using the greatest sacrifice.  

“Easter is an experience of a God who took an initiative to reconcile with humanity. Jesus built a bridge and allows unholy man to be reconciled to a Holy God. There was an offense, a separation or a barrier in our relationship with God, but God took the initiative through Jesus to restore, or to bridge the gap between us and Himself,” according to Ampadu.

He asserted that Easter is a call for all to put their efforts together  in healing the wounds of division across the political divide, reconciling broken families, reuniting communities  and settling disputes.  

“This Easter celebration, let us all for once eschew all negatives and unproductive practices that would not allow us to develop as a nation. We must let our light shine as workers, traders, businessmen and women or as professionals,” he declared.

The Clergyman observed that this can be done when individuals resolve to put their trust in God and not in mortals.

“Jesus Christ is the only person whom we should trust and have faith and hope in.  This year’s celebration should remind us that it is the resurrection of Jesus Christ which brought hope to the lost and the oppressed,” he said.

“Let us use the occasion to love each other and live faithfully, just as Jesus Christ offered himself as a living sacrifice to show his love for humankind,” the Superintendent Methodist Minister remarked.




  1. Keep up the good work Rev. God has blessed and will continue to bless our country. But we must never forget him because when things are good we forget him but when they are bad we blame him. We don’t look into ourselves and ask why have we strayed. Blesses easter to my St.Lucian family.

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