Thursday, November 14, 2019

Methodist School Teachers ‘Walk Off The Job’

The Ministry of Education has informed parents and guardians of student attending the Gordon and Walcott Methodist combined school that teachers have walked off the job.

In a press release Tuesday afternoon, the ministry advised the parents and guardians that  as a result, they should pick up their child or ward at the soonest.

“The ministry regrets the circumstances and apologises for the inconveniences that have been created as a result,” the release stated.

The action by the teachers is linked to working conditions at the learning institution, according to an official.

It was not immediately clear whether  school would resume on Wednesday.


    • Brenda, isn’t better that the children are at home than to be in a building that can negatively affect their health. The Ministry of Education just sent about 12 people with the Minister on a two week tour of North America to study educational institutions. Could the money spent on that joy ride not be spent on schools?

  1. A very long time ago before St.Lucia had a Ministry of Education. When we kids like George Odlum
    John Titley, Cuthbert “Abdul” Henry and I were being taught by teachers like Alex Walcott, and Mr. Walker
    who was School Principal, teachers didn’t go on strike. Today the kids have Desks, good for them
    you should see the out house without toilet paper, adjacent to the play ground we had to deal with.
    It was the same elementary school that produced our beloved Derek and Roddy the Masons,
    the Whites and many others. Today in the age of plenty we demand more. If we could turn back
    the years to allow the folks of today to see what some parents had to put up with they perhaps
    may not have grounds to complain that much, but with the politics of today, What else is new.

  2. Why can’t the ministry sit down with the teachers to know their worries and give them their support. Instead of the children being at home, school just opened and look at what is happening to them, so please kindly find solutions to the problem before it would be too late for the children.

  3. @#the fox. It’s true what you said about the times when our grand parents and for some great grand parents attended the school, that the situation compared to then and now were like night and day. Reality is that we have learnt so much since then that conditions then shouldn’t have been but it was all we had. Now we can do better, there is no way such things should be tolerated. Example, back then we had lead in paint and asbestos, no one died but should it be allowed today as no big deal? Not saying that’s the case today with the school. We have also learnt what mold and dust can do to ones health should it be tolerated because we have desk and other stuff that we didn’t have years ago? Ministry of education is there to take care of such so that both students and teachers can have an environment where education can take place for the betterment of the people. If that is not being done, then something is wrong. If it’s not safe for educating shouldn’t action be taken to make it so. Times have changed, things in the past could have been tolerated then but not now. We have been educated enough to know better and be in a state to provide such.

  4. U can stay away from St Lucia for decades and and do no follow up on the place upon return you just have to spend a few days amd you will know which party is in power. Obviously the UWP has to be in power whenever you hear protest after protest, strike action after strike action. When the SLP in power no problems passport change from 10 to 5 yrs not a word, pension age raise, schooling feeding and bus removed, teachers college assistance remove the list goes on and on not a word but jus say it’s the UWP and you will hear people stammering all over the place.

  5. I agree, but tell me, the conditions mentioned – Mold, dust etc. did these things just sprung up over night?
    certainly not; dust maybe but not mold. I’m sure the principal of this/these schools must have known
    of these conditions; why wasn’t a red flag waved? common man, I would have raged royal shit a long time.
    Anyway, sending the kids home from school is not the answer; I suspect politics but I may be wrong.
    Here’s the thing: gather a group of do gooders from the churches: if you can find them today, bring some
    Buckets, old rags, some brooms, start on Sunday, do it for the good of the community, sing & praise the Lord.
    The whole place needs to be disinfected, sprayed and ventilated every 3 to 4 months & get the kids back to school.


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