Thursday, February 20, 2020

Mexican Circus Manager, Worker Shot In Castries But Show Goes On

The show goes on Saturday as scheduled at the Suarez Brothers Circus in Castries, despite an armed robbery that left the Mexican Manager and founder and a Mexican employee nursing gunshot wounds, it has been announced.

Enrique Suarez, believed to be in his fifties, and Denis Gonsalez, 28, were shot by bandits Friday afternoon about 3.20 pm.

The bandits, one armed with a handgun and the other with a knife, pulled up in a Suzuki Swift and demanded that a pouch be handed over, according to an eyewitness.

The eyewitness said the gunman opened fire when he encountered some resistance and started firing indiscriminately when workers at the site of the circus at Malabar Beach tried to intervene.

Suarz, and Gonsalez, were in stable condition in hospital nursing gunshot wounds to the their lower body, a circus spokesman told St Lucia Times.

According to the spokesman, the circus goes on with tickets for the show available from Friday evening until 10.00 pm.

He told St Lucia Times that tickets will also go on sale Saturday from 10.00 am in advance of the opening in the evening.

The Suarez Brothers Circus, founded in 1872, is into its sixth generation.

It features acrobats, magicians, aerial acts, clowns, jugglers, trapeze artists and dancers – among other attractions.

Performers are from various countries including Mexico, Russia, the United States Colombia, Argentina, Ukraine and Ethiopia.


  1. This s*** has to finish,we the people have to start taking care of bussines,be more vigilant,take action.And our police has to think like the bad boys,and beat them to it,at that time of the day at that location? and they drive away,just like that?por dios

  2. These thieves y’all Days will reach ,cuz nothing lasts forever the longest road has an end.and a hairpin bend as well

    • I love St Lucia with all my heart,but the violence has to stop!! The government’s need to put a End to this rubbish .St Lucia tourism will suffer.therefore the people will suffer. American tourist


    • Who ask you dat?…And anyway you better keep your mouth shut cause am sure that you can end up losing that 9mm…or dying without ever firing a shot!

  4. So why they dont say the colour of the car and the number plate and a lil more description of the two bandits i hope they get them and make an example out of them smh

  5. Sigh! Imagine leaving Mexico, one of the most dangerous places on the planet due to the cartel, and getting shot it St. Lucia. This place will soon become like Libya, Somalia and other places where law and order broke down. All the decent people will flee and warlords will carve up territory and rule with fear.

  6. Mary francis say somthing u jackass if was a police shootin u on media talkin bull**** already but for the criminal comin and do what they did u cant comment as yet

  7. You all two faced ugly waste if time Lucians. Aren’t you the same set of people who were preventing the police from arresting a guy who was jumping up carnival in Ceceron a few weeks ago and wanted to beat up the police? is you same people who always criticise the police now u all bawling when the same criminals choose to do as they want in Lucia? you always condone crime and then turn around and complain the same criminals. THAT’S WHY ST LUCIA NOW GETING ANY BETTER.

    • I side with you on this one. The police trying to do their jobs yet getting persecuted for acting out their duties. It’s true that some of their methods are questionable but when you get bad news like this robbery it makes you give into your emotions and side with the police on excessive force and so on. Now I want to give police rights to exercise their rights and get the job done by any means necessary. Enough is enough. Them fellas need to create work and earn a living not kill for it. Jamaicans and Guyanese coming here and they create work so why can’t we do so.

  8. St Lucia always been so. u all forget when before Chas got Gablewoods Mall from the Bajans there always had robberies until he had the business all the robberies stopped.

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