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Mexicans Shot In Castries Robbery Released From Hospital

Two Mexican nationals who were shot during an armed robbery Friday afternoon have been released from hospital.

Enrique Suarez, believed to be in his fifties, and Denis Gonsalez, 28, were shot in the leg by bandits about 3.20 pm.

Suarez is the Manager of the Suarez Brothers circus which opens here Saturday night while Gonsalez is an employee.

Bandits, one armed with a handgun and the other with a knife, pulled up in a Suzuki Swift and demanded that a pouch be handed over, according to an eyewitness.

The eyewitness said the gunman opened fire when he encountered some resistance and started firing indiscriminately when workers at the site of the circus at Malabar Beach tried to intervene.

A spokesman for the circus said Suarez and Gonsalez both want to put the incident behind them and concentrate on getting the circus going.


  1. No license plate #. No description of the attackers, I guess that information isn’t important. Hats off to the chimps who write these articles.

    • Seems slutimes must do the police work for them? You’s a real mix******* for coming to type that deh

  2. That Vehicle Left the Scene and Obviously Drove in the Direction of Gros .Islet No one saw nothing .Just make a phone call to the 999 Emergency and inform the police.I am positive that there’s Cctv.Footage Of that Vehicle Some where along that Route.These Thugs are allowed to get away with too much Crimes in St.Lucia .when another Crime is Committed that one will be forgotten and it goes on and on .Like a Fairy tale Really Bad .And Mary Francis not Commenting on this Incident at all if was the police all Hell Brake loose on the police Force

  3. Let’s hope these guys know people in the cartel. Let them do what the government can’t with those thugs.

  4. Dont worry! Next time the robbers come they coming for her eye brow….Mary Francis talk now or forever hold ur peace.

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