Thursday, December 12, 2019

Michael Chastanet takes Catholic Priest to task

Businessman, Michael Chastanet, has taken Vieux Fort Parish Priest Kevin Murray to task, prompting a response from the office of the Prime Minister, Radio Caribbean International (RCI) has reported.

Murray has been part of  the protests against the controversial Desert Star Holdings Limited (DSH) project in the South of Saint Lucia.

During its midday news edition today, RCI aired an excerpt from Michael Chastanet’s weekly show on DBS Television directed at the American-born Catholic Priest.

Michael Chastanet, who is the father of Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, said:

“Since you are so concerned about the citizens of the South who are 99 percent black, I would suggest that you educate yourself, you have educated yourself now. You should go back to America and take care of your own country where the slogan is – ‘Black Lives Matter’. “

“Father Murray, let me say to you that some time ago Sir John Compton passed legislation called the David England Act for interference into this country. You are a foreign national, you were brought here to represent the church – stick to your last,” the businessman declared.

In the aftermath of the comments by the older Chastanet, Senior Communications Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM), Nicole Mc Donald, issued a statement indicating that it was brought to their attention that ‘certain remarks’ were recently made by ‘a television host.’

Mc Donald said the comments were not indicative of the government’s position or philosophy.

“The comments were invalid in more ways than one and in no way represent the government’s position,” the OPM official stated.

According to Mc Donald, the government has at all times maintained that Saint Lucia is a free and democratic country and all are entitled to free speech in accordance with the law.

She said this was evident by the government’s actions.

“Since taking office we have continuously engaged in openness and dialogue with stakeholders and interest groups on issues of common concern,” Mc Donald observed.

She said that the government welcomes continued discussion by the public on matters of development.

Vieux Fort Parish Priest Kevin Murray, in an interview with the Times in December last year when questions were raised about his participation in a protest outside parliament against the DSH project, explained that there are many people who are concerned about how the  investment would affect their lives and  livelihood.

He said he wanted to stand with them.

The Clergyman expressed the view that the church has a responsibility to stand up for people who are in need and persons who have rights but may not be heard.



  1. you messing with a man of God. The priest have not done or said anything wrong. Fr Murray have my full support. St Lucia is a democratic society.Michael you are attacking the wrong person.

    • Men of God do God’s work,unless God has given the Catholic church and The this Kevin character a different mandate

      • But leaders of other religions mess with little boys. Why are the Catholic priests being given special attention? And what about the other leaders in society who are not priests but who mess with little boys? If the priests stop messing with little boys, will bulling go away?

      • Maybe you never mess with little boys, but God will deal with you too, for the sins you have committed. The good thing is that all sin is sin. So check your own vices and ask God to forgive you before you die. The priests who mess with little boys will also find forgiveness, if they repent and ask God to forgive them. Are you disappointed? God is a God for ALL.

      • Well it is proven that this is rampant within the clergy, 5hus the apologies of the current pontiff plus the hundreds of millions in payments…..maybe here was special and no young guy was ever molested by priests? Or maybe you will defend these guys and thei tactics because they support your political view…..this is shameful but I expect nothing different from Christians

      • If by “well proven that this is rampant,” you mean “committed at a lesser rate than any other profession,” then sure.

  2. How ironic! If the same logic stands then how come St. Lucia with 86% of its population black or of African descent has a white Prime Minister? We should use the same litmus test. The current St. Lucia Prime Minister doesn’t share the same values and beliefs with the rest of the population. His cultural mores which include his pattern of speech, language (Creole), and behavior is foreign to St. Lucia’s culture. According to Mr. Michael Chastanet’s logic, he should be unfit to be St. Lucia’s Prime Minister.

    Given the current political situation in St. Lucia I can understand Michael’s instinct to blame or condemn anyone he perceived as a threat to his son’s reign. But have we forgotten that nativism and xenophobia were just defeated in the recently held French election? Michael Chastanet’s statement is an act of shameless duplicity and must be reprimanded.

  3. Michael Chastnet was out of line, he could have expressed himself and said he disapproved WITHOUT taking it to a racial level, any drop of respect I had for him is completely gone now.

    • Micheal Chastanet is not of line. The man is senile he completely for his son was not born in St Lucia

  4. As a BLACK St. Lucian living in the USA, I am disgusted that Old man Chastenet has used race to express himself on this topic. If he feels that there is nothing wrong here- then I have every reason to believe that he is :
    1) a bloody racist
    2) on the verge of exposing himself as a racial profiler
    3) showing his true colours
    4) expressing his son’s sentiment as well!!!

  5. So it’s come down to race now, the lowest of the lows? We’ve never had a problem with race, why start now?

  6. As a St. Lucian I am disgusted by those comments by Michael Chastanet, St. Lucia does not belong to you and your son. You and your dictatorship go to HELL. Who the hell are you to speak on expulsion from St. Lucia or the David England law. St. Lucians are educated and have come a long way and NOT AFRAID of you and your David England law. Compton expelling David England was then when we were all afraid of him, this is 2017 WE ARE NOT AFRAID. Take care is not you and your son we expel from St. Lucia. What do you think because you have the highest bank overdraft or line of credit you can do what you want? you may think that you are white but to the white man you are just a house N-word

  7. Why the press asking Nicole about what Mr. CHastanet said. The man is a government minister or representative, NO! He is a private citizen. so why ask her questions that do not pertain to the government. Silliness and Pettiness. Then you all will say Mr. Michael Chastanet running the country. Sick people with nothing to do. And what the hell is that priest still doing in St. Lucia? Report him to the Vatican, get him removed . What taking so long!

    • You are real gor gor. Was it not the Government ( Nicole)who came out with a statement!

      So should the press not question Nicole about the statement they made!

  8. I quite agree with Mr chastanet Fr Kevin needs to know his rightful place he is being political there is no other way to say it. He should go back to his country. he is causing a lot of division especially in his parish. The bishop is turning a blind eye to all that is going on in the v fort church lots of division. From what i have seen Father Kevin is racist should i say. He behaves like he owns the church and what he says goes. no one can question him. he has changed so many things in the parish. Fr Kevin do want the ST MICHEAL prayer to be prayed in church. There are so many things wrong with this priest. His job may i say is to win souls for the lord , stop creating division in the house of God. he is a stumbling block to many. Before the DSH issue where was father kevin when the dock workers lose their only form of livelihood ? why couldn’t he write to the government on their behalf!!!! God is a just God yes he is.

  9. Racist much why are you always there to answer for your son you act like you’re the prime Minister of st.lucia and not your son.

  10. HA ha nowadays priest taking part in demonstrations. (Catholics in bacchanal)
    Rivass I wonder what the pope might think of that, How can that bring me nearer to God

  11. May I say what I cannot understand there is so much going in the church the priest has not comment on it but he trying to stop an investment to employee people but he trying to protest again and he talking about people in need. Why is the vatican one of the wealthiest body church in the world yet still millions of Catholics are starving?why don’t ask the pope to help hundreds of unemployed people in st Lucia. I believe there much more moral issues to about, teenage pregnancy and adultery ,crimes idolatry. So much that’s going on especially in the world in the church, millions abort they baby every year. Take about ethical issues.

    • Why are some people so senseless ,how can the pm be French so stupid your brains are not even functioning properly.

  12. Wait with all the problems with the youth this is what the Priest making an issue about? Is he aware of the high levels of youth engaging in illegal activity smoking and selling drugs, pornography etc. Has he ever left his paid residence to go the schools and encourage the children in a godly way? Has he ever tried to help the poor personally? Has he ever tried to gain employment for those many vfort unemployed youths? SMH. Is that anywhere in the bible? what he doing there. The bible said feed the poor, so take some of the food in the presbytery and go feed the poor instead of being on the streets protesting. If is protest u wanna protest go protest against police brutality against black youths in the US of A.

  13. What we need is a revoulution to drive away the capitalist system the Chastanet and the du boulay family back to europe we black people must be prepared to die for our patrimony and our land

  14. I cannot imagine me as a black woman going to america and protesting against anything they sulport they would tell me go back on the banana boat.What is Mr.Murray doing in caribbean people affairs,i remember one time i tried to make a comment concerning illegals immigrant and why America shouls treat poor people this way i first was ask if am american.And this is their country.Why don’t i take the illegals to my Country.So what right does an American have to voice his concern or opinions in my country only in St.lucia.Maybe qe should deport you Mr.Murray.Cool your horses,you are the one responsible for all rhis caious with the DSH.How much land dis you get,or how much do you occupy.St.lucia is not wall street.You seem to be on a mission who you working for.St.lucia dont need your help,this is our fight not America USA okay.Shut your mouth,this isn’t your fight.

  15. This whose issue is disturbing.

    Priest Murray represents a faith-based organization with responsibility to meet the needs and to advocate for the vulnerable in the Vieux Fort Community. From my vantage point, he is doing his job, as his conscience guides.

    I do not understand why Michael Chastenet feels he must insult the priest who is working here with local communities. Why do you ask him to leave? Clearly Black Lives must matter more in the USA than here in Saint Lucia.

    Why the need for damage control by the government? This must be because Michael Chastenet has a more influential role in government affairs than we thought, and they know it.

  16. The Vieuxfort lands in St Lucia have owners no one can do whatsoever they want to do with lands that does belong to them. Government have to communicate with the owners of the lands before they decide to do anything with people’s properties. What people in St lucia need to realise whether their being is blackl or mixed race they are all black people. So there should be no problem about race in St Lucia. God Almighty is the maker of all mankind and he has no respect of persons. Anyone who set themselves above others because of their colour or hair type judgement is awaiting them before the most High God. Everyone​ in this world must be treated with love and respect for we all belong to our Heavenly Father. For it is written the Earth is the LORD’S and the fullness there of. Government are elected by the people. Their job is to care for the people. For one day they will have to give an account to God Almighty.

    • This guy/gal God gets everywhere.
      Never see him/her, never hear from him/her but he/she apparently involves himself/herself with everything we do.
      Not many miracles seen recently. Some allegedly performed 2000 years ago.
      Doesn’t prevent wars, conflicts, famine, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, plagues, volcanoes and so on.
      It’s about time, in the 21st century that people realise that he does not exist and never will.

  17. The gist of Mr Chastanet’s argument is absolutely correct. It is liberal priests like this who have stood by in the USA as over a quarter of a million black people have died by gun violence in liberal inner city America because of pandering to liberal talking points to get votes. 70% of African American pregnancies in NYC end up in abortion because instead of doing God’s work some people are playing politics.
    Instead if dealing with the fundamentals of the Church to instil the Judeo Christian ethos that we have lost this priest is your typical liberal narcissist playing with people’s lives and caught up with his own views from which he affirms his moral sense of himself. This moral preening and distancing from real Christian work is killing the Catholic Church in Europe and America and this priest is bringing this poison to St Lucia.

  18. He messing with the man of God, and they messing with the children butts and he is a man of god, and not talking about this. That he have to talk about thank you.

  19. Say no to cable TV.. and this was not said by me. Know u’ll history before u’ll join and band wagon..the catholic church..will always bring down black people..always trying to keep us in the dark..but i guess you educated smart people will only see Yellow and red .

  20. I am so confused by the believe and the stupidity of some St Luciaians based on some of the comments I’ve read it appears that some people are missing the point and talking all kind of rubbish blaming the Priest and where he came from Father Murray bless his heart is just trying to help St. Luciaians because he unlike them who have not opened their eyes have not realised that “father and son” are milking St Lucia and St Luciaians. “OPEN YOUR EYES” Michael Chasnet should stick to the point and not say his family is BLACK and crpa about “BLACK LIVES MATTER” It does not matter The Chasnets do not give a dam about St Luciaians they have and will continue to used you St Luciaians so

  21. This is one of the best ways for the Catholic church to continue to deceive the masses… making them believe they fighting for them…just to keep their hearts and mind blind from the gospel truth… this priest need to know his role and shut his dam mouth… there are issues ans situations you as a priest or rather any spritual leader you can stand with… but not any when its clearly politically motivated…

  22. People, kindly tell me what it means to do the work of God? I ask this question because people do ask for the “Church” to speak on matters affecting “The people.” What do they mean?

    Many applaud Desmond Tutu for taking the stand which he did when the political directorates were acting “against the people.” I suppose if he were in St. Lucia and took the stand which he did, would we ask for him to be deported?

  23. Silly ppl why do u’all keep expressing ignorance for political expediency’s. I say this because Mr.Michael chastanet is not a white man,how come his son becomes a white man? aren’t these same ppl who’s really the racist.

  24. After reading all of the foregoing comments, I’ve arrived at the conclusion that you’re all just being St. Lucian’s.
    That being, attack those that are successful, and tear down other St. Lucian’s.
    A white man spoke out! how dare he. Time to break out the “race card”. So typical of this island life.

  25. Michael you’re big in St Lucia, but The Vatican is bigger than the world. Watch out!

    SLT there are many bright A Level students looking for work. Give one a job to edit your articles for word usage, grammer, spelling etc.

    Interesting comments people.

  26. Michael Chastanet delusion “white???” man …Cares only about enrichment at the cost of poor St.Lucians. Stuck in plantation days mentality. Wake up or go back to bed old man its 2017. Start by integrating with society and get your head out of your arse……

  27. I love chastanet”s stament he to has the right to speak his mind. Blood is thicker than water. Human nature any father would stand up for there son. Priest have been known to take down governmets. And support evil administrations, like the nazi . YouTube it.

  28. The Catholic Church wants our country to remain poor and dependant like Latin America. Where they have majority following. They don’t want you independent. A church of hipocracy. Homosexuals preaching against homosexuality. Murders preaching against muder. Thieves preaching aggains theft. Always choosing easy battles and ignoring the hard ones. By now we all have seen documentation about there wrong doing. After all we are decedents of slaves. Which they condoned

  29. Nicole mc donald came to do damage control because they the uwp know and support micheal chastnet’s stance the people of st lucia voted allen chastnet and not micheal chastnet he acts like he is the pm the uwp taking st lucians for a ride but remember is at the polls st lucians strong the uwp you all are not listening to the people in less than a year so many people are disgruntled with you guys this is a circus government wolves in sheep clothing bogus pm and his ministers the same stick that beat the black dog is the same stick that will beat the white dog time will tell

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