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Micoud Businessman ‘Critical But Stable’ After Shooting

Micoud businessman Andrew Joseph, alias Mr. Mow Weng, is critical but stable in hospital after bandits shot him Saturday night, persons familiar with his condition say.

“The bullet damaged his stomach and he lost a lot of blood,” one source told St Lucia Times.

The 76 year old proprietor of Andrew’s Minimart in Mon Repos was shot in the lower abdomen Saturday evening during a robbery.

Joseph was transported to St Jude Hospital via ambulance about 7.15 pm.

Residents of the area say two masked men entered the mini-mart where Joseph’s wife and another female were.

According to reports, the women fled and the bandits accosted Joseph, roughing him up and shooting him before escaping with a small quantity of cash.

“All they got was coins you know,” a resident told St Lucia Times.

According to the resident, the attack on the senior citizen has sparked outrage in the community where he is known as a helpful individual who would extend credit to many persons.

Law enforcement officials say they are following several leads.


  1. Very sorry this happened. Hope e recovers successfully. May i ask, how did the resident know the amount of cash the bandits got?

  2. So sorry to hear the behaviour of those lazy dirty dogs on the paradise island of St. Lucia. St Lucia is no longer a paradise island. Government officials and chief police officer please do something to clean up the situation a on the island. Let’s start with making a law with every vehicles, stop and search. Please immediate law enforcement to make people get rid of all those tinted windows on every vehicles on the island with immediate effect. All those methods will help identifying those dirty dogs.

  3. what century are you living in?,..tinted windows will not reduce or stop crime period!, also many vehicle come from the dealership and imported with pre-tinted windows that can NOT be removed so how you going to enforce that. the amount of money government is making in duties on car imports you think they will stop vehicles with pre tinted windows?, in your dreams!

  4. All these situations are just heart breaking , but every dog has its day …speedy recovery sir
    shooting a senior or anyone for that matter is heartless, most likely he got shoot because of the petty cash they received during the robbery.

  5. That’s not gonna stop unless they start hanging these bastards. If the big countries ask why
    just tell them that we are living on a rock that’s sticking out of the ocean. Some mothers are
    breeding these animals, who wouldn’t think twice before pulling that trigger to take an inocent
    life, just for a couple of bucks to satisfy their drug habits. I wonder how many murderers we
    have locked up, eating three meals, doctors care, social & education etc. Tell the U.K. and the
    others who oppose capital punishment, that we are under siege by a bunch of worthless band
    who have no respect for human life: they kill because they knowthat they will not be hanged.

  6. First to begin John John people are not DOGS. There is a serious problem on the island with the youth. What are we going to as ST.LUCIANS? Calling people names and creating all those Laws is not going to help. LETS GET TOGETHER AND FIGURE THIS OUT.

  7. Why minister of justice pass and present, in fact government pass an present, never bother to make law reforms to deal with these lazy fools!

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