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Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 8:30 am

Micoud Businessman Escapes Unhurt After Attack By Masked Gunmen

A businessman who is a resident of Micoud managed to escape with only some bruises when three masked gunmen confronted him at his home, police say.

The bandits are reported to have demanded money.

The incident occurred on Saturday, according to a law enforcement official.

According to reports, one gunman accosted the businessman shortly before 10.00 pm, followed closely by another bandit with a cutlass and one with another firearm.

The businessman had just arrived home, it was reported.

The masked men are said to have demanded money.

Gunshots are reported to have been fired but the businessman managed to escape, sustaining some bruises when he fell in the process of fleeing.

The victim reportedly operates a barber shop in Vieux Fort.

Police are investigating.



  1. The perpetrators of this attack are too lazy to get a job, too cowardly to go alone or unarmed, and too stupid to complete what they set out to do.
    No wonder Bordelaise and the Prisons here in the UK are full of Idiots. Rest assured that the perpetrators will be brought to book.

  2. Nigger’s, running amok in this “$***hole” lawless country. Bring back the Brits to restore law & order, too bad we not independent of ourself. Admit it we can’t manage a country. We need help desperate.

    • I agree 200% . We have a nigger problem. A large proportion of young men in the up coming generation are destined for failure and a life of crime.soon this island will be uninhabitable. Too much cheap alcohol and sex.

  3. These Thugs refuse to work .Yonng persons in St.Lucis Develop a nasty Habbit of Robbing and Shooting Business persons for their Monies .what persons have to do is set up Ambush for them and Deal with them Accordingly.Most of these crimes persons know who are the

  4. They will be forever cursed and anyone who partakes or indulges in their ill gotten gains will suffer tremendously along with them and their descendants. Trust me you will suffer greatly for your actions…find yourself a legitimate job before it’s too late.

  5. These thieves and murderers from micoud need so stop that and go find work. And when the police hold them put their names in the papers because when they hold them they not putting who they are. Like the fellas they hold in connection to the murder that happened in micoud they arrested some of them but didn’t say nun.

  6. Police must set Bates to catch those bandits it happens in the states it can happen here too very easy. They have traps for rats and mice and they have traps for bandits too . But you can’t trust some of the police they will unset the traps atell U.

  7. When these crooks are caught and proven guilty. As part of their sentence they need to be paraded through the streets of Castries or their area of residence in an cage for all to see and embarrass them as well as their family that spawned them. Families must also be made responsible for the actions of these youths.

  8. I’m all the way overseas and hearing that bs happening… I remembered when someone told me di Island used to be free of badmun. My family member said that they were ‘wiped off’ by someone affiliated with cops. Now that country needs some strong cleansing. I can’t take another of that foolishness. Who tf are y’all to be robbing innocent hard-working citizens? Cowards and wussies

    • Tell me about it when you work hard for what he or she has and someone who didnt sweat come and take it away like its theirs . Everywhere has crime but these people over doing it.

  9. our lazy fools are very desperate and bold, because all laws are in their favour, expect for the hard working citizens and our police officers! ask miss Mary why; she will answer: human rights!

  10. Straight up I would rejoin the police force and be back on the team and I promise we would be bringing those a**holes back dead or alive one by one we the people of St Lucia have to allow the police men to do their work and for the impaxxxxxxxxxsssssss crap by the usa and England plaguing the country and government Mr Allen the pm needs to stand up again those thugs are brave enough so let the police take them out out country is supported by tourism and hospitality we don’t stand for crime in st . Lucia I honestly think my Hermangil should bring back SGT Coe….. Malcolm….dash….my self ….and a few more to work round the clock and get those guys ….and not leaving out MR Albert

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