Micoud North Expands GiNet

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Press Release:– In April of this year, MP for Micoud North and Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert along with a team of experts, visited a number of sites in the Micoud North Constituency, to explore the installation of GiNet at various “community hubs.” 

“Bringing internet connectivity to these spaces through the GiNet program is expected to facilitate and support community growth in the areas of education, sports and wellness and heritage tourism,” Dr. Rigobert says.

“It will also bridge the Digital Divide and increase the nature and reach of the activities that take place in these spaces,” she adds.    

Less than two months following that initial visit and Dr. Rigobert is already delivering on expanding the GiNet project in Micoud North. 

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The venture is being implemented by the Department of Public Service Modernization/GiNet Project.

“I am pleased to inform residents of Micoud North that we have already commenced the continuation of work in Micoud North with respect to the installation of GiNet,” Dr. Rigobert said last week. 

Over the last two weeks technicians started the electrical installation in the first instance to be followed shortly thereafter with the setting up of the outdoor access points.

Work has started so far at the Praslin Community Centre, the Patience Multi-Purpose Court and Myette Gardens Park, the Children’s Park in Micoud, the new Micoud Market and Teacher Joanie Park/Mon Repos Community Centre.

Bringing ICT access and connectivity to the people of Micoud North has always been a priority for Dr. Rigobert. 

In 2017 the Micoud Community ICT Access Centre was opened to provide residents with linkages to the internet and computer-based services.

It has also helped to support education and training functions for the communities, providing low cost access to IT tutoring programs.

The Government Island-wide Network (GINet) Project free WiFi service was officially launched in Micoud North on July 4 in 2018.

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