Micoud North MP Applauds Recent Police Successes

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Micoud North MP Jeremiah Norbert has applauded recent police successes, including firearms recoveries.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the former police officer said the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) has been under tremendous pressure and scrutiny.

And Norbert acknowledged that questions had been raised regarding whether ‘buffering equipment’ and increased government support would translate into increased police successes.

But he explained that a lot has to do with police morale and how officers feel if they are empowered.

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“We can see part of the successes has to do with that. It shows how the police are feeling now,” the MP stated.

Nevertheless, he told reporters that a lot more can be done while noting a spike in gun violence.

“However, I am happy that the police are just not sleeping and they are actually working,” Norbert told reporters.

The Micoud North MP stated that as a former police officer, he was aware that it was not an easy job.

In this regard, he said he was happy that the government is providing support, but more importantly that the RSLPF is doing what is necessary to ensure they solve the crime.

“My hope is that we have a Saint Lucia that is almost crime free. I know that crime is inevitable but with the efforts of the police collaboratively with the efforts of the government I am hoping to see an improvement in terms of the detection rate and the success rate of the police,” Norbert stated.

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  1. Mr Minister, I too want to commend the Police on a job well done. Too often we are hard on the men and women of the Police Service but we recognise the difficult job they are doing in exceptionally difficult times. I salute you brave men and women for your service. Please continue to do your duties with pride and honour. I fully support the police in their duties.

    Now it is the responsibility of government to ensure the Police service has the necessary tools it needs on order to function and be successful. We need every sector of the justice system working efficiently and government must drive that impetus. Mr Minister, you said you hope to have a Saint Lucia that Is ALMOST crime free…well I want a Saint Lucia that is crime free. We want crime eradicated in St Lucia. Now I know that’s asking for much but I aim for the stars. Two of the countries with the lowest crime rate are Qatar and United Arab Emirates…why? Because they don’t play with criminals down there. The consequences are high if you commit a crime. Now I urge the government to put the necessary tools in place to address the crime situation in St Lucia. We can’t have citizens living in fear, nor have criminals running rough shod on the nation. Come down hard on those bastards. Enough is enough.


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