Thursday, January 23, 2020

Miguel Fevrier Apologises


Press Release:On Wednesday, 25 September 2019, I was taken into custody with respect to an outstanding matter which had its origins some years ago. I take full responsibility for the events which led to this unfortunate situation as it was my carelessness, most of all, which contributed to this.

For any embarrassment caused to my employer, MBC, its management and staff, I am deeply sorry. You have stood by me from the very beginning and more so over the past week. Your support never wavered and from the bottom of my heart I thank you.

To you the loyal viewers of MBC, please accept my apologies. Notwithstanding the grief I caused you, not once did you abandon me. Daily, I received word of your unflinching support and I promise to do better in the future.

To my media colleagues whom I will continue to support and defend vociferously, I thank you too for your many messages and words of encouragement. I know this must have been difficult for many of you but your concerns for my welfare will always be cherished.

To my friends, you will never know the full extent of my appreciation for how you reached out and rallied behind me. I am sorry for the pain I caused you. Please know that my circumstances were made that much easier knowing that there were people like you out there who were so willing to forgive my error of judgment and help me go forward. I am eternally grateful.

To my family, and my father in particular I apologise for the anxiety I put you through. Still, you never abandoned me and my love and appreciation for you has deepened beyond words. 

To my attorneys, who worked tirelessly to ensure a positive outcome of the unfortunate situation, thank you for your hard work and dedication. You went beyond the call of duty, night and day, and I truly appreciate all that you did.

To everyone both here and overseas, who in one way or another assisted, whether you donated to the cause, whether it was by way of enquiry or if you simply just said a prayer and thought of me, I will be forever indebted to you. It is you who have made it possible for me to be here and it is your example I will hereon in seek to emulate as I go forward and put the past behind me.

Thank you all and once more my most sincere apologies.  




    • TRUTH BEING TOLD, you again and your nonsensical comments. YOU ALWAYS BEHAVE LIKE A DAMN FOOL THAT YOU ARE. WHEN WILL YOU APOLOGISE FOR YOUR USUAL STUPID THINKING SND COMMENTS. The man a[pologize to who he feels an obligation to and you are in abosolutely no position to tell him who to apogize to.

    • Its true . Not a word on the media, but if it was a nobody or a Guy Joseph for example who got arrested that people like Miguel would make sure that it would become a nevr ending part of their life. If we can only forgive some and sweep their skeletons under the carpet while we tongue roast others daily then it is truly sad.

      I am not saying that a man cannot be forgiven but “do unto others as you would like them to do unto you.” And remember to not throw stones when your hose is made of glass. Your lesson is to remember that a man is just a man and someday will fall short.

  2. Truth being told, good observations. This smells like a legal piece of advice on career management. I do not hear remorse, I hear attempts to salvage self. Yall quick to demand forgiveness for your own but for the lucians not connected to you in any way to hell with them? Let justice trake its course. I wonder if we would be just as forgiving to any other convicted criminal?

  3. Go yourself you piece of **** Serial thief as you are. Where is the apology to the victim from whom you stole from? You’re always on the government’s back with your bias and one sided reporting but you’re more criminal minded than they are. You and the MBC staff are no more but a bunch of disgusting ********* in disguised as journalists!

  4. You have done what was supposed to be done move on people will say what they think is right please keep the faith. We are Humans Not one Of is Perfect be blessed. May his love ❤️ continues to be with you and family my brother shalom 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  5. It was bank robbery plain and simple.. He stole money from a bank to the tune 0f $27,000 dollars. That is like stealing a vehicle. It is like stealing fifty-four $500 gold rings from a jewelry store. It is no different than stealing 360 cases of beer. It is like stealing over 1000 bottles of wine. It is like stealing 3000 pounds of fish from a fisherman. I can bet that if a malaway stole one case of beer or one gold ring they would take jail. I can bet that if a car washer stole a $27,000 car, they would take jail. The apology is welcome and his remorse is acknowledged however call a spade a spade.

    • A Volere Bouto is just like his father. Like Father Like Son. Ya’ll too so you know if is poor people the man stole from. Whether you take money from the bank or rob someone on the streets you is a VOLERE.

  6. A thief is always a thief. They just think of smarter ways to not get caught the next time. This apology is lame.

  7. And yet we have the audacity to publish other peoiple’s faces and call them CRIMINAL.

    Who gives that right?

  8. the people not forgiving here url are sick…just wait till url sins come out….i do not care if he stole cheese..thats his business…apology in many things the pm url praising does apologize for? choops…

  9. It’s the same person behind all the vile comments…same way she’s posting her vile comments of Facebook. The valley heifer! Smh and someone breed that

  10. How hypocrite you call can be. When Botham Jean’s brother hug and forgive Amber, its the same St.Lucians ready to crucifix the boy why he forgive the murderer of his brother. But now Miguel the vole apologies , oh we all do mistakes, don’t judge, give him another chance, learn from your mistakes, and the list goes on, Deux ban sue ser. Thou shall not steal, thou shall not kill all are part of the 10 commandments. Thief will always be a thief. Some of you all St. lucians are two face.

  11. So please help me understand- man steals money from bank, he is chastised + charged+ imprisoned! “Men” steal money and as you read this are still stealing money from the public service/ government and their party flags are waived high in celebratory fashion! EPIC!!!!!!!

    Don’t worry Fevrier- what you have done is heavenly compared to the extent of the hush hush that goes on in the the system!

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