Sunday, September 22, 2019

Millet Bus Drivers Withdraw Service Over Poor Road Conditions

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Millet bus drivers have withdrawn their service to some areas of the community due to deplorable road conditions.

Association President Cyprian Yarde told St Lucia Times that the  Belair and Venus Estate roads are among the routes that have deteriorated over time.

He said the situation has been brought to the attention of the authorities.

Cyprian Yarde

Yarde explained that the Belair community was developed some 20 years ago.

“This road has deteriorated significantly with no road repairs done throughout that period,” he asserted,

He said the Venus Estate road has been in a dilapidated state since the passage of  Hurricane Tomas in 2010.

Yarde disclosed that it is very time consuming to go into the two areas.

“It is very difficult in terms of wear and tear and the losses – the time factor that is involved and the comfort of the commuters because they have to be rocking from side to side,” he told St Lucia Times.

“ We are saying to the government that it is time that something be done about the roads in our community,” the spokesman for the Millet Bus drivers stated.

According to Yarde, the drivers believe that their community has been neglected for too long.

He declared that the withdrawal of services that started Monday will continue until the road conditions have been improved in a satisfactory manner.

Some 25 Millet bus drivers are engaged in the protest.

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    • I like how they didnt strike altogether and they simply withdrew services from certain areas and not the entire root but um whoever or whatever damaged the foot of the sarrot hill before the belair bridge hmmm


      YES Fix BELAIR
      and some day maybe after elections widen the bridge at sarrot and stop heavy trucks from passing up and down sarrot hill thats dangerous.

      Merci bien

  1. All Drivers Should go on Strike .Most of the Roads are in a Deplorable Condition .Suspension parts are so expensive .The Ministers of the Shitstem dont feel it because they drive Mp Vehicles and their private Vehicles park at their Homes.The Tunnel Road is like the Atlantic Ocean .Up to this Date Nothing has been done .The Minister of Distruction said work would Commence soon .But never said what year

  2. The Ministry of Road Destruction said that the Tunnel Road would be Repaired .But the year for the Commencement was not given .The road is worst now .Its just like the Atlantic Ocean

  3. Sure drivers stop working…… next month you will pay the bank with your vex money.

    A lot of work is being don.on roads… it’s just that they is a lot more to do because of the previous administration’s neglect…
    But you see them jumping up telling yall protest dont work… think !

  4. Let’s be serious , ppl like I that have others accepting nonsense from this government. For over a year and a half these ppl collecting 1.5 per gallon, what roads are they fixing. Patching the road is not fixing it .

  5. Whats needed.

    Remove all specs of black asphalt that is left on Venus estate road….redo the entire blasted thing and no need to waste money to make it reach anse la raye no one is going to be passing through there.

    Then belair road move everything and stsry afresh.

  6. If you showcase your product, people will buy it. This is long term. The PM needs time out too, he has a plan for tourism and St Lucia has been doing well. Most of your tourist is from the UK so he has to play the sports, play the game and Win for the people of St Lucia.
    While I agree the funds they raise is more than the cost of travel, in marketing and sales, is the product, price, place, long term investment. Tourism will bring in more than the funds raised and the cost of travel. The magic of thinking big, be positive and you will sustain your markets.
    St Lucia has no large manufacturing except for the Vieux Forth Industrial Estate among a few so Tourism is the best product.
    In relation to the NCD, its a problem worldwide and the OECS could face bankruptcy in the Health Service if we dont educate people and change lifestyles. That include Diabetes and Obesity.
    On a serious note lately there has been quite a few RTA and young deaths.
    Last time I was in St Lucia the road from Vieux to Castries was pretty good. You cannot speed on the roads or overtake on corners the terrain will be terrible for accidents.

    In relation to the schools it happens in all the islands, Trinidad is facing those problems now, its a Project Management, budget,
    planning, maintenance and accountability problem.
    Each school should have their own budget and maintenance is done throughout the year. Not during the vacation where or when major works needs to be done.
    Could someone implement a model and sell it to the islands?
    call the model ” Maintenance of School” the MOS project. develop some software, and start back with the students in garden projects, agriculture, project management, that will send them to the land, food will be cheaper and less crime. They will get jobs to maintain parks, promote well being and become good citizens.

  7. I knew this would happen,go and visit Belair,then be honest,dont defend the idiots that are in power,no roads have been repaired for a long time.Do you travel the high way every day?Have you gone to Marigot lately,you dont fix roads with spades and weelbarroughs.

  8. Hope they build some honest decent roads,no good just putting,piumis mixed with stones,that can only last a year.I have no faith in all this political talk,we see this every time before elections.Venus looks like a war zone,land slides were ever you go.Go to the John Comtom Dam,then vist Millet,Tech mi,come and see the misery that St Lucians have to suffer.Mini bus drivers atre doing the right thing just strike,let all the people come out and show their anger.

  9. If y’all used to keep the past administration in check like this we would not be having this Conversation because the roads would not have all gotten to the mess they are now… right now it’s a lot and it all cannot be don at once so unfortunately some will suffer, but its coming.


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