Saturday, February 29, 2020

Minibus Drivers Anxious To Get Their Rebate Money

Minibus drivers in Saint Lucia say they are still awaiting word from Transport Minister, Guy Joseph, about the payment of a rebate for fuel.

The cash is expected to amount to over one million dollars, according to one estimate.

The money is due to the minibus drivers and covers an 8-month period this year, the National Council on Public Transportation (NCOPT) which is the umbrella body for various bus associations on the Island, said.

NCOPT President, Godfrey Ferdinand, told St Lucia Times that the minister gave the undertaking that the money would be paid before Christmas.

But he said minibus drivers are calling every day about the payout to find out when they will get the cash.

“What I would like to see is a call at least from the minister to indicate why it is being delayed or what day we are expected to receive it,” Ferdinand disclosed.

He said he is under a lot of pressure to tell bus drivers when the cash rebate will be paid.

“I think the most courteous thing would be for the minister to call and say ‘I can’t do that today’ or ‘Maybe we’ll get it for January’, but he should communicate something to the council,” the NCOPT President told St Lucia Times.


  1. He paying for race horse,and pig meat for Cristmas.You bus drivers dont deserve a cent,thats what goverment believes

  2. The minibus drivers are running a bussiness and they want a rebate. So then what’s about small business owners who are struggling don’t they also deserve a rebate on their fuel consumption? In some areas the minibus drives don’t even care about their commuters because as soon as vacation starts they go on vacation and people are left standing by the road side for over an hour, while they are at the bus stand in the city. Tell me is that a fair situation to those of us who take the bus?

    • Exactly. While everybody hard at work for most of the day those guys sitting in their buses relaxing, harassing women, sleeping and gambling. Boy this country have it dead wrong.

  3. i am yet to comprehend the reasons for “rebate “….the very first rebate years ago should have been used to established a company where “only ” bus driver get parts and fuel at cost….and hopefully other driver would shop there as well to balance off the books….. individuality how much are the drivers getting ? does it really balance off what they claim to have lost that is bus fare minus fuel and part ?? let the tax payers see the lost …it makes sense to me …that the money be invested .. just saying ….and oh yeah drivers stop making bomb and drinking your days earnings !!maybe just maybe you all will see a profit ..

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