Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Minister Confirms Resignation Of ‘Hardworking’ Chief Education Officer, Denies Acrimony Reports

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Education Minister Shawn Edward Tuesday confirmed that Chief Education Officer Dr. Fiona Philip-Mayer had resigned with effect from August 15.

Edward told reporters that he had heard rumours like everyone else and acknowledged that there has been a lot of speculation and ‘political mischief’ regarding the resignation.

Asked what he meant by political mischief, the Minister said he had received communication regarding postings on some political pages insinuating that was acrimony among him, the departing Chief Education Officer, and persons at the Ministry.

“I can refute that categorically and say that the Chief and I enjoyed a wonderful working relationship. I am the Minister – I provide ministerial oversight. The chief is the senior most technical person in the Ministry of Education and the Chief’s powers and her responsibilities are clearly articulated in the Education Act in much the same way as the responsibilities and the powers of the Minister,” Edward asserted.

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According to the Minister, Philip-Mayer was employed in 2019 and was not on a contract but the permanent establishment.

He described her as a hardworking individual who approached her job with a lot of commitment and passion.

And the Minister told reporters that based on the way she executed her mandate, Philip-Mayer was always willing to put the children of this country first.

“I want to profit the opportunity in my capacity as Minister of Education and also on behalf of the senior management personnel in the Ministry to wish her well in her future endeavours,” the Dennery North MP stated.

“There is not a problem. I mean it is not unheard of for professionals to demit office in Saint Lucia to take offers elsewhere. The Chief, from what I have been told, will be taking up a job overseas,” Edward told reporters.

In this regard, the Minister expressed confidence that wherever she goes Philip-Mayer will do well.


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  1. The people commenting here know nothing about the situation. We have had CEO’s demitting office for years without all this media frenzy. This tell you a lot about that woman.
    Those of us who know her know that she has only used the system.
    She left teachers’ collage and never served her bond. She LEFT for Sweden.
    Came back and taught at Corinth the appointed as VP at George Charles Sec. She left and went abroad.
    Came back and was appointed Education officer. She left to run a private school in India.
    Came back and was appointed Chief Education Officer. She is leaving again. The lady is just continuing her leave and come back dance.
    Fiona accepted the job on a permanent basis and after three years, she wants it to be converted to a contract. Do other public servants get that?

  2. Never liked that clown. You can see the lies all over his nasty face, his days are number. Crawl back to the shit hole you came from.

  3. Let this be a wakeup call; the time is soon coming when the stampede begin. The Nations of the North are looking for people of all kinds; starting with the best qualified, they will receive better consideration: I would hate to see my people who have waited so long for the best brains to return to help build a better society, then leave (a) for better pay (b) crime rate locally (c) professional respect (d) children’s future (better health care) It may sound selfish, but what triggers any such move is THE INABILLITY TO CONTROL THE CRIME RATE, its been building up for decades, and we have allowed it to slip out of control. Only the SAVIOR can help us now.

  4. Nurses leave st.lucia every day and only a nurse can replace a nurse. On the other hand any competent teacher or senior education officer can replace a chief education officer. What is the issue here ?

  5. Maybe Shawn needs to tell us who are the other persons in the Ministry he has a good relationship with. After Pierre cut the school repairs budget by over 60%, what did you and Michel do with the entire budget. Tell the nation, apart from the Dennery Valley schools, how many other schools got any repairs done or will get done this summer. Talk about nepotism and the Belrose philosophy, it’s more glaring in this government. Dr Mayer would never be a part of this, Bravo Lady.
    Note she is an SLP at heart.

  6. These slp administration just think St. Lucia belongs to them a bunch of liars running that beautiful country..The crying for help in every department very sad

  7. Lies from a minister of the Saint Lucia Lying Party are not a suprise!!! C’mon man your interview with the media alone depicts your guilt.

    • Philip-Mayers was a terrible CEO. Let’s hope Cepal will do a better job if he is given the job. The entire education system needs a reshuffle, starting with the head of the HRM department.
      The 2 administrations are a bunch of crooks. The emergence of any party that I see some glimmer of light from, I will vote for.
      I thought King and Richard would have started their own party but they joined the band wagon to continue in their crookery I suppose. Smh
      I almost didn’t vote last year. I won’t be voting anymore.

  8. She chose August, the Emancipation month, as the effective date of her resignation because she wanted to emancipate herself from mental slavery. I will miss seeing that beautiful and articulate Mrs. Dark & Comely CEO on my TV screen. All the best in your future endeavors mam.

  9. The minister is a liar , there were a number of issues with him , his woman PS and the CEO.

    Minister made a serious mistake by informing the nation that he was hearing rumors of her departure and at the same time talking about a good working relationship. Duh!

    Minister Edward must be honest with the nation or just keep quiet.

  10. I am not saying her resignation is because of political mischief but people do not realize what they got till it’s gone or lose it. I do not know her personally but I could see that she is a strong woman and come across someone who takes a job seriously.
    I hate it when politics is at play. The same way Merle Clarke or Belmar George can get up and leave. We have good qualified professionals here that countries are willing to grab in an instant. We must respect our qualified and intelligent professionals and stop playing politics with our affairs especially the party hacks. St Lucia does not belong to one particular group.

  11. Shawn you’re a liar. You made things difficult for Fiona. You were working against her and her ideas. Shame on you. It is what’s best …. she’s moving on to greener pastures.


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