Minister: Every day should be ‘Restore Confidence’

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, responding to calls for a return of Operation Restore Confidence, has told reporters that every day should be an Operation Restore Confidence.

“People talk about Operation Restore Confidence, but I have always said that every day should be an operation of restore confidence – persons are supposed to have confidence in the police on a daily basis. If we continue to do what we have to do it will not reach a stage where there is this vast expanse of crime,” Francis told reporters at a news conference Friday morning.

“If the police are doing what they are supposed to do, they will be on top of it,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner said.

He expressed the view that there will be instances where there may be triple homicides and instances where there are crimes of passion involving love triangles.

However Francis said if the police were ‘on top of business’, there would be no need for ‘those types of operations.’

Operation Restore Confidence was launched in 2011 as a police response to a wave of violent crime.

It  led to the alleged extrajudicial killing of twelve persons, prompting expressions of concern  from the United States government and other friendly administrations.

According to an independent report, officers from the Royal St Lucia Police Force “staged” a dozen shootings and reported them as murders by unknown assailants, planting weapons at the scene.

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