Minister gives update on CCTV cameras

National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis, has disclosed that some fifty two CCTV cameras have been installed with some twenty-six currently being operational.

However Francis said that the system is “a little archaic” and needs to be revamped.

“This is why Digicel allowed myself and the Commissioner of Police to travel to Haiti to look at what is happening in Haiti,” the Minister told reporters.

He said he and the Police Chief also went to Antigua last weekend and saw CCTV cameras in operation there.

According to Francis, he will be having a discussion with Digicel on Thursday of this week on incorporating other cameras into the system.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner revealed that he also has a meeting scheduled with the Chamber of Commerce so that they can “buy into” the CCTV arrangement.

“If you look at the United States and other places almost every crime that is committed is caught on CCTV camera and we need to go that way,” Francis declared.

He acknowledged that it would cost money but expressed the view that it can keep Saint Lucians safe.

As a result the Minister said the government would invest in the system.

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