Minister laments abuse of RSL

Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Dominic Fedee, has lamented the abuse of Radio Saint Lucia (RSL) by successive governments.

The minister told reporters on Monday that RSL has had a history of very low profits and abuses  by governments.

“Radio Saint Lucia should really be a national radio station to enlighten our country,  to fill the void that maybe the private media may have left,” Fedeee explained.

However he expressed the view that this has been ‘contaminated’ by a lot of political propaganda and abuses of the station’s resources going in the direction of messages for political organisations.

“I don’t think it is fair to taxpayers of our country to have a situation where they pay the brunt of the cost for messages of political parties,” Fedee declared.

He explained that the issue was foremost on his mind, adding that there was need to change and reconstitute RSL in terms of its function.

At the same time the minister observed that there was a serious fiscal situation in the country with RSL costing the government a ‘hefty’ sum.

He stated that all of those factors have to be taken in to consideration as the government considers what will be the best outcome for the broadcasting entity.

A former employee of the station, Fedee said he knows  lot of the people who work there.

“So there is a humane side to this,” he asserted.

He disclosed that the current economic circumstances and the high unemployment rate will be factors that will be considered in a final decision on the station.

While asserting that it would be improper to divulge details of a report on the radio station before it has been perused by cabinet, Fedee told reporters that as soon as the process is complete there will be a decision and the country will be informed.

He said it was important to engage the staff of RSL before any pronouncement is made about their future.