Minister, Police Chief condemn threat against Cops in viral video

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Press Release:-  Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Senator the Honourable Hermangild Francis Commissioner and Police Commissioner Mr. Severin Monchery have expressed condemnation of a video circulating on social media in which Saint Lucia Police are being clearly threatened.

Officials at the helm of law – enforcement have formed a united front along with the Police Welfare Association (PWA) to strongly denounce recent threats made concerning the Police.

In relation to this incident the Commissioner of Police has made a strong public statement indicating that threats to law enforcement officers will not be tolerated from no one and at no time.

According to the Police Commissioner‘s statement (quote):

“I highly condemn such actions. I see it as an attack on the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and by extension Saint Lucia. The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force will do all within its power to bring the perpetrator of such threats to Justice. I take this opportunity to reassure every member of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force that they have my full support in defending themselves, their families, Saint Lucians and visitors to our shores. I however, urge my officers to act professionally at all times and to act within the remits of the Law.

To those criminals and would be criminals out there, I say: “The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force will not allow for such flagrant disregard of the law. Whilst we intend to respect the rights of every citizen including persons who have engaged in criminal activity, whatever is necessary will be done to bring the perpetrators to justice”.

The individual making the threats appears to be in the background to where two police officers were positioned at the time. The individual boldly shows off a firearm to accentuate the threats being made and chambers a round of ammunition.

(Screen grab from video)

Minister Francis is currently out of island attending the First China- Caribbean Anti- Corruption Law Enforcement Cooperation Conference in St. George’s, Grenada, along with the Commissioner of Police Mr. Severin Monchery and the Parliamentary Commissioner Mrs. Rosemary Husbands – Mathurin.

Despite his off-island engagement, the Minister also wishes to publicly communicate his concern about the illegal possession of firearms by perpetrators in the community.

The Minister has also reached out to the Police Welfare Association describing the incident as “disrespectful to police officers.” Mr. Francis in a special message to Police in the wake of this video has encouraged them to “remain resolute in the fight against crime and to safely execute their duties.”

Commissioner of Police Mr. Severin Monchery has stated that this matter is being investigated expeditiously and the individual concerned will be held accountable for his infractions against the law.

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  1. Mr. PM. , Sir, i believe that too many of you key figures are off duty or out of state at the same time, if our police officers were under attack, who would be making the Vital decision to fight back? Isn’t that a burden for any acting official to take? Hope you understand my concern. Don’t you think that things are moving too slow concerning that provocation?

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