Minister Provides Update On Road Reconstruction Projects

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by Herma Demacque

Minister for Infrastructure, Ports, Transport, Physical Development and Urban Renewal, Hon. Stephenson King, during a sitting of the House of Assembly, updated the nation on the progress of the Millennium Highway and West Coast Road Reconstruction Project.

The project will rehabilitate 14.2 km of existing roads along with associated drainage, retaining structures, bridge replacements, road realignment and roundabout construction. Expected outcomes include increased efficiency and road safety.

Minister King explained that the Ministry of Infrastructure has instituted subcomponents aimed at meeting project deadlines.

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“Subcomponent one will focus on the construction of the roundabout while maintaining the quality requirements of the embankment fill. Subcomponent two will focus on the full depth reclamation of the existing road pavement and its reconstruction. Subcomponent three will take into consideration ancillary works that include drainage, major culverts, sidewalks and other road fixtures for that new bridge.

“The public will notice work on the roundabout between the new Cul de Sac bridge and the Commode Hill,” he continued. “This is to construct the new approach road and embankment of the new bridge which is due for completion in August.”

The Millennium Highway and West Coast Road Reconstruction Project is funded by the United Kingdom Caribbean Infrastructure Fund (UK-CIF), and the Government of Saint Lucia. The project funding is managed through the Caribbean Development Bank CDB.

Source: Government Information Service. Headline photo: Stock image

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  1. Marigot Road is a disgrace, Hilaire and Co use the photos of the bay to advertise the island, then when the tourists get here they are faced with that road, major harassment and filth on the beach and high levels of crime incluing gunshot serenades every night, hardly inspiring is it!!!

    • Isn’t that what your asshole chastenet used to do also? You had no problem with that, did you? So, just wait patiently and your road will be repaired also. When it is done, I hope you will not open you rASS to speak but your mouth will be used instead.

      • They not repairing no roads. Patches that last only for a week after the rain. They treat the roads just like an old car. Patch patch to give supporters contracts. The total
        Costs of all the patches in 6months can be used to resurface the road.

        And what the hell happening in Vigie??!!!!

  2. UWP: What about the roads. Y’all have roads in a mess.
    Minister: The roads are currently being addressed.
    UWP: But what about the road in my backyard?
    Minister: It will be addressed soon
    UWP: But, but, but…

  3. This is the worse I have ever seen the Gros islet highway from shock to Gros islet. Absolutely tedicuk! Holes holes bumps bumps!!!!! Patches being done by farmers etc who are given contracts.. my vehicle can’t take it any more. Stop patching and fix the danm road! Our visitors must be wondering whether they are being taken to a getto by the taxi from either airports!

  4. What about the smaller roads, people are put in dager everyday when emergency services can’t get to them. Gais Bois road in the south is horrendous and everytime there’s an excuse not to do it. Vehicles get stuck all the time. The road is lower than the drains so everytime it rains its like a river bed. Ssssssooooo dangerous for the families who live on that road but the government just don’t want to know.

  5. Mr King, what’s about the Marigot Road? Please take a drive to Marigot to see the condition of the road. Careen, the strongest labour party supporter of Marigot give uo on Hilaire.

    • My girl, strong labour supporters in all constituencies have given up on Labour, including me and my entire family. Labour sold out to turn coats who could give them campaign money and now have a hefty bill of debt to UWP swingers and chose to kick their die hard supporters to the curb. Just before next elections they will come crawling back to those their supporters. We will be waiting to kick them out!


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