Monday, February 17, 2020

Minister: Rick Wayne started visa rumour

National Security Minister, Victor La Corbiniere, has said that a rumour that his United States visa was revoked started with Journalist, Rick Wayne, when the government started the IMPACS investigation.

La Corbiniere said Wayne first made a publication in his Star newspaper.

He recalled that the Talk Show Host went on Journalist Timothy Poleon’s show and said a number of things that were absolutely and totally untrue.

Regarding reports that his US visa has been revoked, the Minister said they were calculated lies.

He recalled that after the initial reports he travelled to the United States.

“That brought a complete stop to Rick Wayne because he knew that he could not continue in the face of the lie,” La Corbiniere stated.

He said that a few weeks ago Wayne started the same kind of rumour again.

La Corbiniere disclosed that Unitedpac has also been suggesting that his US visa has been revoked.

He said that Unitedpac is a “feedback” to the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

“There are some journalists who are operatives of the United Workers Party in Unitedpac, so you can understand the threads and what is happening here,” La Corbiniere explained.

He declared that the visa revocation story is a calculated lie by the UWP and its allies.

According to the Minister, it represents an attempt to not only destroy his reputation, but tarnish the ruling party and the government of which he is part, on the eve of a general election.

An obviously incensed La Corbiniere noted that the rumours resurfaced ahead of early voting by police, fire and correctional officers.

He expressed the view that this was no accident, but an attempt to influence that vote in a negative way against the SLP and the government.

“It is really despicable conduct and I would say that in the scheme of elections, everyone has a right to try to influence votes and people, but this conduct is really despicable,” the Minister told reporters.

He called on the UWP leader, Allen Chastanet to bring an end to “this nastiness.”

La Corbiniere warned that if Chastanet did not, he would be held accountable.

“I can assure you that this is not the end of the matter and I can also assure you that I am going to start to lift the veil on the individuals who are concerned in this,” he said.

La Corbiniere said:

“Social media give the impression that people can hide to do nastiness and nobody will find them out and Unitedpac believes because they have put a name ‘Unitedpac’, no one knows who they are and they can do their nastiness. We will lift the veil.”

The Minister said the character of the people will also become an issue.

“If you want to tarnish my character, then your character should be golden and lily white,” La Corbiniere declared.




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