Minister Says Hitmen On the Loose In Saint Lucia

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National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has indicated on national television that a few dangerous hitmen are on the loose in Saint Lucia.

But Francis lamented that many in the society are helping the killers get away with their crimes, using the hit men to get rid of their enemies.

His comments came against the backdrop of a spike in gun violence which has reportedly been responsible for 19 of this country’s 28 homicides so far for 2020.

The Minister, as reported by DBS Television News on Thursday, stated that for the right price, contract killers are willing to snuff out a life.

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“We have information that certain persons have hits on certain politicians,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner disclosed.

But he explained that the challenge is to get the right personnel and equipment to monitor those individuals.

“We have an idea as to who are some of those individuals and we are looking to curtail some of their activities,” the Minister told DBS Television.

“Our information is that they travel, but they don’t carry their weapons with them – so the weapons are actually brought to them to do a particular hit at a particular location,” Francis stated.

He said as a result, even if the suspects are stopped on the streets and searched, no weapon will be found on them.

According to the Minister, the police here have to become more sophisticated.

“We have to harass these fellows. We have to keep at them every minute – let them know that we know them,” the former senior police officer said.

“I have always told the police officers the day must come when I am going to be happy to hear criminals coming out and saying ‘Police officers are harassing me and I want to go to court!'”

Francis declared that the police must make criminals uncomfortable.

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