Minister Says Hitmen On the Loose In Saint Lucia

National Security Minister Hermangild Francis has indicated on national television that a few dangerous hitmen are on the loose in Saint Lucia.

But Francis lamented that many in the society are helping the killers get away with their crimes, using the hit men to get rid of their enemies.

His comments came against the backdrop of a spike in gun violence which has reportedly been responsible for 19 of this country’s 28 homicides so far for 2020.

The Minister, as reported by DBS Television News on Thursday, stated that for the right price, contract killers are willing to snuff out a life.

“We have information that certain persons have hits on certain politicians,” the former Deputy Police Commissioner disclosed.

But he explained that the challenge is to get the right personnel and equipment to monitor those individuals.

“We have an idea as to who are some of those individuals and we are looking to curtail some of their activities,” the Minister told DBS Television.

“Our information is that they travel, but they don’t carry their weapons with them – so the weapons are actually brought to them to do a particular hit at a particular location,” Francis stated.

He said as a result, even if the suspects are stopped on the streets and searched, no weapon will be found on them.

According to the Minister, the police here have to become more sophisticated.

“We have to harass these fellows. We have to keep at them every minute – let them know that we know them,” the former senior police officer said.

“I have always told the police officers the day must come when I am going to be happy to hear criminals coming out and saying ‘Police officers are harassing me and I want to go to court!'”

Francis declared that the police must make criminals uncomfortable.


  1. This Foolishness Have been Happening for years in St Lucia.There are Armories in St.Lucia that Rent Firearms to Commit Murders and Robberies.A percentage of the Robberies have to be paid as Renta fee.The police Monitors phone calls why are these persons Still waking the Streets

  2. well i do agree to make them uncomfortable but the police themselves are the ones also putting the guns in the hands of the criminals. also if we had swift justice people most like would not resort to killing one another for nonsense. y’all very same police when people come to make a report take it as a joke and never show up, if its not an excuse to not have a vehicle so what do you think people will do? not saying its an excuse

  3. You should have some of the tools needed and ability to get some of the info you need to keep the public safe. They use phones. If you have info on this just get a warrant to listen to their conversation….I guess I’m not getting it. You can plant a mole, have he/she offer good money for a hit…I’m still not getting it, especially if you know who they are. You guys need to be smarter than the criminals and learn to think like them. I’m afraid that might take some time and it will be too late.

  4. There have always been hitmen on the island, however, they were not referred to as such. Growing up, I knew of such a suspected person.That particular person did not use a gun to do his dirty work. Are there so many persons involved in the occupation of killing for pay? I doubt it. If there were a boat load of people engaged in that activity, then there would be more unsolved influential people murders with (strong) MOTIVES. Unless the hitmen work for subsistence pay. How are they going to feed themselves during the off season.
    In St. Lucia, most “hitmen” killings are as believable as Boloms working magic. The hitmen theory, is a cop out for the inept police. In earnest, the cops don’t have the technological resources to solve the crime. If the cops claim it’s a hit, then there is less pressure to solve it. Many times, the police can’t even provide a serious motive for a murder. By now, most people should be familiar with certain euphemisms as they pertain to St. Lucian life. The word “hitman” denotes that the cops can’t solve the crime. The victim’s family better back up because the case is not going to be solved.

  5. this little island where most dont have sheet to their name have hitman now. you people have no idea when you all do those things is spirit you all putting on yourselves. thats why you all dont live good or long. once you go in that kind of direction pal you finish. you might as well start counting down your days. no money can be worth the sheet that you will go thru. just remember that. its like either you all dont have sense, no one guided you all, or u all allowed yourselves to be taken over by madness.

  6. Why is the .minister talking about strategy on television .
    If you all have a plan implement it and produce results.
    As a lawyer the minister should know that harassment has a limit with the courts and that this action can cause criminals to walk free.
    Minister this is desperation by your government.

  7. My favorite thing is watching a coach discuss tactics before the game on nat’l television, and also now that u mentioned u will harass them, their lawyers will in no way start building a defense from now… #jackass#stopwatchingTV

  8. All of you are wasting time – you can do nothing with this crime business until you start
    doing what’s necessary:- hang the bastards; that’s number one; after the first hanging
    watch and see, crime rate drop right down. Now, who has the balls to seeing it being done?

  9. The criminals know too well going to jail is cool and they are safer than in the street where they might be more of a target ….but if their life is in the hands of the judge you will see how crime will drop.

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