Minister says that he was not informed about jailed pregnant teenager

Home Affairs Minister Hermangild Francis has said that he was not informed that a teenage mother-to-be had been imprisoned. The 17 year old entered the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF) when she was 4 months pregnant for intentionally causing harm. She gave birth at the Dennery Hospital. Both mother and the newborn baby girl have been transferred to a special unit of the prison authorities have disclosed.
Minister Francis said when the young woman was sent to prison his Ministry and every other agency concerned should have been informed. “She has committed the crime-she has done the time,” Hermangild Francis told reporters today. However the former Deputy Police Commissioner said that the fact that the teenager was pregnant has to be taken into consideration. “If we calculate it-because obviously she has to go see the doctor on a regular basis- the doctor would have told the persons at Bordelais the expected date of birth and I saw no problem in suspending her sentence and allowing her to be out there to give birth to her child,” Francis stated.

He expressed the view that if the young mother continued her “wayward” behaviour outside of prison she would have returned to prison. Francis declared that everyone has to share a portion of blame for the situation. He said the officers at Bordelais need to be a bit more vigilant when such things occur and allow the relevant Ministers to know so that the necessary action can be taken. Francis disclosed that the teenage mother housed in a separate area of the prison is receiving the ‘very best’ treatment. He said she will be released ‘shortly’ around November 16, 2016. “We are doing what is necessary to keep her safe,” the Minister said.

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